There is a common belief, or myth, that having money, a lot of money, can compromise your integrity and the pursuit of earning money is not a noble or decent endeavor. However, keep in mind that money, per se, doesn’t define your character, but rather your true character is defined by how you use and spend the money.

Simply put, money itself is not bad or evil. In fact, having money can empower you and will lead you to finding important resources that will help you with becoming more involved in the activities that are meaningful and important to you. Too often, we look at wealth as being manifested in only material things such as houses, cars, gadgets and clothes. Another way of looking at wealth is to see its true value in offering security for you and your family. This security will give you a tremendous amount of discretion regarding what you want to do with your time, and with you life.

While it’s true that happiness can’t buy happiness, it can buy choices. It provides you with the means to choose to do the things you have a passion for and to be able to fulfill your life’s purpose.

The following five ideas are intended to help you with finding and maintaining the financial success you deserve to help with creating the life you deserve:

Stay Centered: Don’t get too anxious over the lack of money or too elated with the abundance of money in your life at any particular time. If you are struggling to make ends meet and dread when the bills arrive in your mailbox, don’t be rash and overspend on lottery tickets. Instead, make a plan (see below) and then work your plan. Alternatively, when having money is no longer an issue, remember where you came from and how quickly the money can go away.

Align your income with your passion: When you are doing the things you care the most about and have a tremendous amount of energy in doing, then it’s really not work – it’s you passion. A by-product of this will be greater productivity and less risk of burn-out. Your income will continue to grow as you continue to grow and be nurtured by your passion.

Live within you means: Spend what you have today, nothing more. Yes, you may be on your way to making more money, but let that day come first.

Create value for others: Focus on what you can do for other people. How can you improve their lives, help them make and save more money, or simply make their lives more comfortable? By increasing the value for others, your value will be automatically and simultaneously increased. The more value you create for others leads to better financial opportunities for you.

Have a plan: If your financial situation is not where you want to be, then stop doing the same things you have always done with you money and try something different. Meet with a financial planner and create a path that allows you to see where you are today and where you want to be in the future. A plan will also provide you with a picture of hope and a finishing line to set as a goal. Once you have crossed the line, it’s just as important to adopt a new plan to keep you from sliding backwards.

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