Establish your target reader, before you begin thinking of what you want to write. This will help you make a better determination of what you want to convey. Breaking the information into chapters can help your article deliver the great details your readers are looking for. This gives you the foundation to write from to produce more articles. By detailing your topic it keeps your readers engaged. You must also be responsible and supply valuable content in each and every article. You do want them to come back for more, don't you?

Below are 5 tips to successful article writing.

1. Keep one or two needs of your target audience in mind as you write. You don't want to try and address all their needs in one article. If you stay focused, your audience will stay focused, and get the answers they need. This will also keep them comming back for more information, from your articles.

2. Definitely stick to the subject from beginning to end. In the beginning, state the reason you're writing the article. In the middle start to introduce the fact that you have the solutions. Conclude with the solution and a lead to additional information coming soon.

3. Make sure you are consistent with your word style (slang, proper, online lingo, etc.). This may change between articles, but not in the same article. Jumping from one word style to another will appeal to no one in particular. Remember, you want your audience to understand what you're writing about, and come away with a great reading experience.

4. What's really important is that your readers feel you are an expert in their particular problems. You must position yourself as the go-to person. Your value is always in the problems you solve for your readers. If you can accomplish this you'll establish trust, and a faithful following.

5. Get the best mileage from your articles. After you've produced a few, you'll get faster and better at writing them. But, regardless of how well you write, articles still take a certain amount of time. So do your research to determine the most popular keywords in your area of expertise, this will cause your articles to perform well in top search engines.

Know the rules of article writing. You have to remember that you are submitting your articles for publishing sites, not your own blogs or websites. So, keep the self-serving links or inappropriate content in the body of your article to a minimum. Most publishing sites allow you a signature, this is where you put short self-serving content and contact information.

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