It may have been some time since the fight happened that split you apart from your ex-mate. However, any serious relationship which led to romance and intimacy has the ability to last beyond break ups.

If you want to know if your ex still cares past the break up, then you can find out by reading a few tell-tale signs in your ex-partner. Here are the five signs that let you know even though there was a split, your ex still cares about or even loves you.

1. Notice the little things. When intimate relationships are at their best, couples tend to help each other out with little things to make them look or feel better. Watching out for each other is a huge part of intimacy, especially when someone feels close to someone.

If you want to know if your ex-mate still cares, try one of these small gestures that are known to provide comfort to the other person and watch their reaction. If they don't mind, it shows there is still some love and care from the other end.

2. Watch body language. Even if your ex girlfriend or boyfriend doesn't say it, their body language will. Noticing their open hands, eye contact and whether they point their body to you shows they have an interest in how you are. However, if you notice they fold their arms, shy away or shift their eyes away from you, then it is best to move on.

3. Planned and incidental meet-ups. If your ex-mate is through with you, chances are you will never see or talk to them again. However, if they are still interested in you, this rule doesn't apply.

Many who have broken up with someone, but still care, may find the places you are going to and will meet up with you. At other times, they may plan out smaller meetings, such as through coffee or lunch, or may give you an occasional call. These are good indicators that they are still thinking of you and are interested in getting back together.

4. Show feelings first. If you don't want to watch the body language of the other person, then you can show that you still care through your own body language. Showing an interest in your ex-mate's life, talking to them periodically and moving into a space where you can talk with them or meet up every once in a while is a simple way to move back into a friendship status and to begin seeing whether they are interested or not. You can assume that, if they don't respond in a positive way, then another approach is needed.

5. Listen. Whether you talk to your ex-mate's friends or family or directly to her, you can find out if there is still a level of compassion by knowing what others are saying. If you are mentioned frequently, for instance, or if others make reference to your ex-mate, there is a possibility that a level of friendship and love is still between you.

With these small signs, you can begin to take large steps towards deciding if your ex boyfriend or girlfriend still has feelings for you. Giving the relationship time and room to reveal whether there is hope or not allows you to take the next steps of compassion with a chance to begin your relationship over again.

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