Enlightenment is a process of peeling back the many layers of your ego to experience your true radiant Self. To drop into enlightenment right now, takes absolute total surrender to What Is. Start with letting go of all efforting to get somewhere better than here now, and start playing like a curious kid again. What is here now is the God Source, what could be better than that? This will bring you closer to enlightenment instantly. You already have unlimited potentiality and an exquisite imagination inside. Use it! Let your mind fly free with it. Only then you can know true freedom and truly be the master of your mind.

"The time to relax is when you don't have time for it." ~Sidney J. Harris

The greatest cosmic joke of all is that on a deeper level, your presence is already abiding in the enlightened state. This is who you really are. You are already free from all your imaginary suffering! You may leave this experience of suffering at any time. You already have an out of jail pass. You can open your mind and let the sky, the Universe, with it's all-loving, accepting, sensual energy take you in! Let this Enlightened Universe cradle you like a baby. Relax, and let yourself be supported by it's majesty.

You have the power inside you to let go of whatever you are clinging to that is perpetuating the suffering. Don't be afraid to be unattached to anything. Spend your time welcoming this magical freedom into your life. This timelessness, this spacious existence is soooo liberating. Enlightenment will happen when all attachment to the "material world" has resigned. This ego of yours is here for one purpose, to melt into the ocean of existence. So dissolve...surrender... be this living state of bliss and you will transcend any block that comes your way. This is Enlightenment! All rivers of thought merged with the ocean of Existence. This is the nature of the flow of life and our true awakening mission.

"Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal." ~ Hannah More

You are here to have a more enjoyable experience of being human. Breathe, relax, and accept the playful freedom that is available here. Play while you're still young at heart, let go and explore! Imagine this freedom is yours now...you can taste it. Aren't you tired of clinging to these old illusions that make you feel you're separate from an Infinite Loving Source? Choose to be free from your suffering, just commit to that and play! Enlightenment is yours guaranteed! Practice releasing attachment to all the countless thoughts running in circles in your mind right now.

The golden key is to learn the quality of trust and surrender. Embrace and move through every imprisoned feeling that arises inside you through your day. Release it all and relax into the oceanic experience of your being. Explore what its like to truly let go of everything and just BE! Believe it or not, letting go is easier than you think! It's absolutely easy and effortlessness.

It's always your mind and ego who is holding on to suffering. Simply experience this moment and drop any clinging you have to it. As you continuously rest deeper into the quiet peaceful still center in the heart of your being, you will eventually awaken to the Divine being you truly are. The longer you can abide in this center, the faster you'll find yourself manifesting a rich life, full of depth, meaning, clarity, love and abundant with bliss.

Below are 5 secrets that will catapult you this week into being more enlightened in your life. If these interest you, read 10 More Secrets on How to Become Enlightened at this link

1. Release all concern for others opinions of you (especially family, friends, co-workers and people you do not even know) so you are 100% free to speak your greatest truth at any moment of your life.

2. Send LOVE towards every person, place or thing (cars, houses, food, every person you see.) Give love everywhere you go by opening your heart when you consciously see anything.

3. Be totally honest and true to your every word. Follow through with everything you say you are going to do.

4. Always turn your attention to being conscious, present and welcoming THIS experience of your life right now.

5. Choose to connect with the entire infinite Universe everyday by being very still and meditating from the ever-present pure awareness inside you now.

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The greatest love of all is always found on the inside,


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