Christmas is fast approaching and if you are in pain, the festive season does not look a happy prospect. Pain can ruin a good time for most, for you and those around you.

If you want back pain relief between now and the day Santa comes down your chimney, then there are a few steps you must take.

The first step is obvious, you need to work out what actually causes your pain. This is not how you lift or bend, but the distortion patterns that exist in your spine that allow pain to develop.

These distortion patterns are caused by muscular and joint imbalances that occur from the many micro-injuries that occur every day.

Once you find which pattern you have, the next step is to remove it. You can only remove these patterns by addressing each cause individually.

You must release trigger points which can cause 75% of your pain and by doing this you can get almost instant relief from pain. Trigger points are only symptomatic relief, they are not the true cause of your pain.

Next you need to balance your muscles and joints. This is achieved by using simple and easy techniques at home to realign your spine and getting muscles back into balance.

Balancing muscles requires you to stretch muscles that are tight, stimulate the nerve and blood supply and strengthen muscles that are weakened. Strange thing is that most muscles that are tight are also weak.

This is a common reason why so many back pain relief attempts fail. Because the muscle is tight, people stretch it and forget to improve the strength also.

When a muscle tires out it will tighten up, so the muscle is commonly weak first and then will tighten. Only stretching the muscle will only correct half the cause.

Joint balancing is just as important, especially making sure the pelvis is balanced. Your pelvis is the foundation of your spine and if out of balance allows many other joints and muscles to struggle.

Once you balance muscles and joints you still then need to break the habitual nature of pain. If pain has been present for a period of time, balancing muscles and joint swill only give you temporary relief.

You need to train your body to become pain free and stay that way. Breaking habits is easy it just take a small amount of time and minimal effort (if any effort at all).

The final step is always the most important and the one that most never take...

It is also the easiest step yet the hardest also. It is taking action...

So many people know they should remove their back pain, that back pain relief is easy to achieve, but don't act.

There is no point reading all the information on the internet and still do nothing. If you do nothing your back pain will remain. You need to act, learn simple and easy ways to remove pain and then look forward to a Christmas being pain free.

Back pain relief is not rocket science. You need to find the cause, balance muscles and joints, break habits and take action and learn techniques to help yourself.

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