In my many years alive and in business, I have used many methods, tools and systems in order to accomplish my goals, carry out my plans each year AND Be Successful at the Process AND the Results!

I have found there are 5 VERY IMPORTANT STEPS I Must Consistently Take in order to make things happen in my life. I have used all of these with much success! And so can You!

This is what I do...

First I have to think of what I want and second I need to get a vision of it; I have to be able to visually see it, taste it, smell it, hear it. Third, I must be able to feel what it's like to be there or have what I am visioning. Fourth, I must expect that I will create and manifest what I am thinking of, visioning on and feeling that I want. The final and fifth step is taking action towards what I want. When I do all these steps consistently, day-after-day, amazing things happen! I create what I want!

Try it, you will like it! This is what I do. You can do it too...

STEP 1 Thinking: If you can think of an idea, then there must be a way to create that idea in some form. You must allow yourself regularly to think, plan and write down ALL your ideas, dreams and plans. Keep a separate notebook or log of all your ideas, dreams and thought out plans.

STEP 2 Visioning: Just like step 1, You must consistently make time to vision, meditate and see your ideas in all their specific detailed completed form. What do they look like? What are the colors, shapes, smells, textures etc.? Spend time on a regular basis to do this visioning and/or meditation to keep allowing yourself to experience your vision in its complete form.

STEP 3 Feeling: As You Are Thinking and Visioning, you must also be able to feel what it will be like to have that which you want and be able to imagine you are having it Right Now with all the feelings that go with that goal being accomplished and lived RIGHT NOW! Practice this exercise as much as you can each day to be in these positive feelings 24/7.

STEP 4 Expectancy: Along with the Step 3 exercise, now add the feeling of Expectancy- the Knowing, the Excitement, the Anticipation of getting or having that idea/goal accomplished and practice these feelings as much as you can. I did this when I was buying my latest car, and then I kept seeing my car everywhere! Then I was buying it and then driving it off the lot. Now when I drive my lovely car with the top down, I remember the feeling I was imagining and it’s exactly how I feel now- grateful and joyous (especially when the weather is gorgeous like it’s been lately in So. Cal.).

STEP 5 Take Action: You must continue to move forward in doing all the above 4 steps PLUS NOW you must take action- make a phone call, show up at an event, keep calling someone, keeping emailing someone, send out letters, keep calling, keep showing up and KEEP DOING ALL THESE STEPS UNTIL YOU CREATE WHAT YOU WANT! Remember, FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION! Successful people do What Unsuccessful People Won’t do and don’t want to do. Also Successful people sometimes do what they don’t want to do, in order to take action towards what they want and get what they want!

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