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Choosing to get fit and live a healthy lifestyle isn’t easy. Why? Because you are constantly being bombarded with misleading advertising, confusing claims, and simply bad information. From super low prices to unqualified ‘gurus’ and near worthless methods, how do you ever find a qualified, competent professional nutrition and fitness expert to follow and to help guide you?
This article is going to help. It includes one part of a six part series. The series includes;

• 6 Costly Misconceptions About Women’s Weight Loss

• 7 Questions YOU Should Ask Yourself Before Starting Any Diet or Fitness Plan

• 8 Mistakes Moms Make When Trying To Lose Weight

• Potions, Pills & Promises: A Guide to the Lies, Whys & Nonsense Being Pumped, Dumped, and Pulverized Into Your Brain!

• How To Avoid 4 Beauty & Health Ripoffs!

• The Difference Between ” Not Having Enough Time” and “Having Proper Time Management


1. You have to join a gym to lose weight.
- While it’s true that a turn on the treadmill burns calories, paying for a pricey gym membership is not mandatory for shedding pounds. Weight loss is a simple matter of calories in versus calories out. Your success is primarily based on nutrition! But, You can easily get in a high intensity, targeted toning workout in your very own home without purchasing any equipment.

2. Metabolism slows down with age.
- Good news: Though most of us do tend to tip the scale a little more with each passing birthday, weight gain can’t be blamed on aging alone. Rather, most people gain weight as they get older due to loss of muscle, which is what determines their resting metabolic rate.

3. Carbs make you fat.
- With all the malarkey going around about the way carbohydrates affect how much you weigh, it's tough to know what to believe anymore. The confusion may be due to the fact that so many comfort foods high in carbohydrates are also high in calories. But now more than ever, research is popping up everywhere explaining why we actually should be eating carbs—every day. Your best approach to maintaining a carbohydrate balance in your diet is to choose healthy versions, like fruits, veggies and whole grains. And make sure they only account for one-third or less of each meal.

4. Drinking water= Losing Weight
- Water is essential for life, but it’s not a magic bullet for weight loss. Consuming water replaces other beverages, therefore reducing caloric intake. In other words, it’s not the water itself that leads to weight loss. Best diet tip: Swap sugary juices and sodas for a glass of H2O!

5. Eating healthy food will automatically cause weight loss.
- You saw it in the news this year: "Man Eats Twinkies for 10 Weeks, Loses 27 Pounds." How’d he do it? By only eating 1,800 calories instead of his usual 2,600. Sure, he lost two-and-a-half months’ worth of nutrients—which couldn’t have done great things for his body and mind function—but he also proved that when it comes to weight loss, it’s the calories consumed that count. The lesson? Portion control is just as important to weight loss as food choice.

6. Fast Food is a No-No!
- This is a Yes and a No. Simply because most people who consume fast food often don’t eat a healthful, nutritious diet in general. But, in the occasion that you're out and about and have no other options, Fast Food can actually work. Look for a meal with no more than 400 to 500 calories; non-breaded and non-fried foods; meals that feature at least three food groups including, but not limited to, low fat dairy, veggies and a lean protein like grilled chicken; and order foods with condiments on the side so you can add small amounts yourself.

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