New-gen entrepreneurs tend to prioritize workplace cultures that allow every employee a fair chance to voice their ideas, regardless of the hierarchy. Therefore, it becomes a challenge for these entrepreneurs to balance transparency in open workplace culture and consistently keep themselves up to date on changes and keep improving their capabilities. The smaller organizations need to be a bit more cautious while catering to their customers and shareholders. It is widely accepted that great company culture is no longer a nice to have for our people- it is an important factor similar to the salary and benefits offered.

Great workplace cultures create incredible advantages—they attract talent, mobilize innovation, develop strong leaders and become the organization’s muscle memory for ongoing success. A great workplace culture creates the connection every employee craves. Six essential elements of great workplace culture:

1. New-gen entrepreneurs must allow their employees to see, hear and feel the influence of their work by making their purpose clear.

2. Opportunity for employees today means providing the ability to grow, develop, and contribute. Employees want to feel heard and valued. They want to do challenging work, to try new things, to work on special projects, in short, enabling continuous learning.

3. Make sure the success achieved by the organization is not restricted to a select few and is felt by everyone who plays a part in it. This motivates and fuels employees with confidence

4. Appreciation is more than a mere ‘thank you’ as it should be used a connection between coworkers and leaders for performing great work with the organization. Some companies do consider compensation and benefits as a contributor to a feeling of appreciation.

5. Organizations can no longer define wellbeing as simply the physical or financial health of an employee. Initiatives must encompass social and emotional dimensions to truly prioritize individual wellness.

6. Leadership is one of the most important elements of building a great workplace culture. Leaders at all levels must be aligned with the organization’s purpose and consciously work to build trust.

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