Step 4: Make a Compelling Offer and Convert Your Visitor to a Client

Some say it takes 7-12 contacts with a prospect before he/she is ready to buy. Others say it takes much more than that when the only contact you have with the prospect is through written words on a Web page.

Why? Because your words lack the credibility and trustworthiness of a human face or voice. You can understand the popularity of audio and video blogging for just that reason: people trust people they like and feel an affinity to. It’s hard to do that with words on a page.

This is why copywriters earn such large fees. They aren’t writing about ideas or features or even painting a rosy picture of whatever it is you’re selling. They are connecting on an emotional level with your prospects.

If you’re a solo professional that job is yours: write with such passion that your readers/visitors/prospects feel they know you, trust you, and want to do business with you.

You have to keep it real, as they say. Write to connect, motivate, and educate rather than to sell.

Of course you’re in business, and your readers know that. They expect you to sell to them at some point.

So the more open you can be about what’s in it for them, the better. And that’s the key, right there: what’s in it for them? How well do you know your ideal client? You must appeal to their basic human emotions.

What will you do for them? How will you save them time, energy or money?

This is the 4th step in a short 6-step formula for online success. Obviously, there’s much more to say about what goes into making a compelling offer that your clients will love.

And the most compelling offer in the world will fall flat if you don’t have an efficient sales and follow-up process set up in your shopping cart.

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