There are many activities in classroom that childhood teachers like to integrate in the routine. Although these are neither main subjects of study nor lessons on academics, they are of great importance because they support learning of the kids, help them divert their minds from education, provide them fun and recreation, develop skills, and augment their creativity. In this article, we shall discuss 7 such activities which stimulate the learning process of them kids and make them adept in every sphere.

Artistic activities

Artistic and skill activities enhance the creativity of the preschool and primary school students and boost their learning. It involves: drawing, marble painting, cut & glue, sticker fun, drama puppetry, practical and household activities. To know more about the role of artistic activities for children at preschools, crèches, nurseries, and kindergartens, both aspirant & active teachers must go for a childhood care education Course.


For promoting development of kids, educators introduce musical activities in classroom such as auditions, musical games, text games and singing, songs, eurhythmy etc. These activities also recharge their batteries, improve their focus in studies and keep them motivated.


Lessons become interesting for the kids in the class if the educators occasionally tell those stories, work with books, and introduce activities for memorization & reading images. These act as visual aids which supplement the education of the students, make them more aware, & retain information for longer.

Co-curricular activities

Activities like observations, image readings, mathematical activities, conversations, didactic games, experiments can do a world of good for the confidence of kids, sharpen their cognitive activities, make them attentive, increase concentration levels and boost their power to remember things, facts, figures, & information. Opting for a childhood care education course will help educators know more about co-curricular activities & their role in children education.

Outdoor activities

Outdoor activities such as walking, sand games, recreation and sports competitions, using playground equipment can provide the much-needed diversion, improve the skills of the children & add to their overall development. The best thing about these activities is that they help students to go beyond the four walls of classroom, discover new things & explore the outer world which is full of surprises. They broaden their horizon & keep boredom at bay.


Since time immemorial, games have a pivotal role to play in the physical & intellectual development of kids. Activities like playing with toys, symbolic games, sensorial sessions, playing with sand and water, construction games, didactic games enhance the creativity of the little learners, create opportunities to socialize & make them more engaged in academics.


Quizzes improve IQ and boost general knowledge of the learners in classroom. When incorporated into classroom routine they also build confidence, identify gaps in education, bring refreshment & take away the stress of the students & educators alike. Research demonstrate quizzes are excellent for toddlers as it improves their knowledge on diverse subjects, keeps them updated, & a step ahead of those who don’t participate in quizzes or have the chance to get engaged in them.

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