This is the perfect time to get into the solar installation business

The solar energy industry is definitely flourishing. There has never been a better time to get into this field. Customers who are ready to install photovoltaic systems in their homes are often put on long waiting lists because there are simply not enough installers to meet the current and growing demand. Initial equipment costs have fallen and there are more federal and state subsidies than ever before. This means that the customer can come in for less, but your service fees are not affected. It is also worth noting that photovoltaic systems are designed now so that they are easier to install and maintain, and there is a stream of research with amazing new products to be launched soon.

There is enormous potential for growth

In the last 20 years, the demand for solar cells has grown by at least 30% every year. In the US, photovoltaic plants are expected to double in 2011 according to IDC Energy Insights (the leading source of research-based analysis for the solar industry). - and if there were enough installers, it would probably more than double. According to several studies, electricity consumption is expected to at least double by 2030, and the price is expected to continue to rise rapidly. The demand will definitely get MUCH greater over the next two decades. This is one of the few under-saturated industries out there, and a reputable solar installer needs to have all the work they want and then something.

Getting started in the solar industry is easy

Start-up costs are very low. You can become profitable within the first or two months. It is easy to start part time if you do not want to finish your second job. The company is not that hard to learn if you can get someone who has already been in the business for a while to reveal what they know - no point in reinventing the wheel here - just pattern yourself for someone who already has been successful in the solar business. You do NOT need a college degree, but those who have one will find it rewarding work.

You can take immense pride in what you do

As a co-organizer of an annual public sun trip in my community, I personally know several solar consultants who just radiate pride when they show their work. Each project is an achievement that lasts a long time (solar-solar heating lasts an average of 40 years), and each project is there in clear view for the whole world to admire. Solar installers absolutely love to take us on a pre-tour to point out all of their projects that could be included on the public sun tour. With an excited voice, they say things like "See these panels in the church I installed them about 5 years ago .... I also installed the panels in middle school .... do you want to see?!?" When we pass a house and they point to the roof, "Look over there .... it was one of my first projects and they still work fine ... almost no maintenance .... they have already made their original investment back , and now they're selling electricity back to the utility company! ”The pride that solar installers show for their work is extremely contagious and is spreading throughout society. Local newspapers love to write about these projects. It is one of those rare jobs where everyone involved feels good - the installer and the customer.

It's really easy to attract new customers

I also know from the solar trip that if you do a good job with each installation, customers will be more than happy with you and highly recommend you - and encourage others to get the same technology. Free seminars and energy control are also a great way to easily attract new customers. Often a seminar will include an excursion to a previous project or two, and I have found that photovoltaic customers are more than happy to host such a visit and speak very enthusiastically about the project. It's like having a human billboard showing your work, which is very tangible and exciting to watch.

It's incredibly rewarding and you meet all kinds of interesting people

People who decide to install solar panels in their homes or businesses are some of the most fascinating people around. They are often in all sorts of cool sustainability issues and love to share information and trade notes. They are people who really care about the future of the planet and about what we leave future generations. It is very rewarding to work with and help these kinds of people realize their solar energy dreams - and they are usually associated with many others who are also interested in your services.

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Solar energy, a renewable energy source, is one of the most available sources on earth. However, as it is an intermittent energy source, it needs to be improved upon storage or another energy source.