Essay writing is no easy feat. Most of you may even rely on online assignment help to get over with the tasks easily. Essay writing is all about organising your ideas in a presentable manner. Here are some fun exercises that you can try to improve your English essay writing skills. Check them all out.
Exercise 1: Vocabulary Story
Most of the students get help with their assignments because they don’t have a strong vocabulary. Prepare a vocabulary list of English words and try to write a story with as many words from that list as possible. Make sure the story makes sense. As per
assignment experts
, this exercise will help you understand and remember new words.
Exercise 2: Structured summary
Many students find it hard to organise their thoughts within the specified word count. This exercise will help you to get rid of the problem with ease. Use the following formula to summarise the last books you have read or the last movie that you have watched.
“Somebody wanted…but…so”
Exercise 3: Picture Story
Have you ever been assigned with the task of writing a narrative or descriptive essays? In that case, you will understand how beneficial this exercise is for everyone. Take any random picture, for instance, and describe it in as many details as possible. Imagine yourself to be a part of that picture. Write down everything about the smell, taste and feels.
Exercise 4: Devil’s advocate
There must be something that you strongly believe in. Write about it from the opposing point of view. Say you believe that everyone should learn at least one-second language. In this case, you need to explain why everyone should not learn a second language.
Exercise 5: Idiom Soup
Professors love idioms in essays. You can make your essay stand out from the rest by using the right idioms at the right place. An idiom doesn't actually mean what they say. Take 'It is raining cats and dogs' for an example. It doesn’t mean that the animals are falling from the sky. It just indicates heavy rainfall. Get assignment help if you are not thorough with the idioms.
Exercise 6: 'How-to' write-ups
You might be asked to write a how-to essay in the semester. These essays describe specific steps to do something. You can write a hoe to for something that you do every day without thinking. Keep it simple and focus on how you plan to describe the process to your readers.
Exercise 7: What’s the first sentence?
For this exercise, you need to read as many books as possible. Try reading two books in a day and focus on the first sentences. If required, write down the first sentences of all the books that you have read. See how the sentences set up the context and make you hook to the topic. Try to implement the same while writing an essay.
These exercises are fun and easy. You don’t have to rely on anybody to take care of your essay writing tasks. Implement these exercises and you can write a strong and compelling essay on your own. Good luck!
Essay writing is not a walk in the park. However, here are some fun exercises to make the process 10X easier for you. From narrative to argumentative, these tips will help you enhance all sorts of essay writing skills in no time.

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