Highly confident women are leaving traces behind them everywhere.

Yes, there is a pattern to being confident. And highly confident women know exactly what this pattern is... they call them the 7 Commandments.

Women who know the secret to living life freely and having it all, don’t waste any of their time by shirking these important habits... they make them their guiding principles.

Apply any one of these strategies throughout the day today and you too will see an instant boost in your confidence and self-esteem level.

Without further ado...

7 Habits of Highly confident women:

#7. Live assertively. They don’t just know how to say ‘no’ and mean it, but confident women know when to speak up for themselves, and when to share their ideas with the group. That is because they don’t wait for the perfect moment, because to them every moment is the best moment to say something.

#6. Live guiltlessly. These wonderful women don’t waste their time feeling guilty for not being able to get it all done. They don’t feel guilty when they say no. They don’t feel guilty for not knowing it all. Instead, they do the best that they can and forget whatever the world has to say. They follow their own agenda.

#5. Apply effort. They put in effort when things are hard. Confident women don’t just assume they will fail. They assume they will win, and they back up their assumptions with the effort they put in. They learn what they need to learn NOW... not later (instead of wasting time feeling guilty and not good enough).

#4. Appreciate their worth. Highly confident women know they are not perfect and they know they can’t get it all right – and that’s not even their goal. Instead, they emphasize the value of the skills and wisdom they bring to the table in any situation. Others naturally follow their lead and value them more too.

#3. Assume control. Confident women take control of their decisions, emotions, and life. They don’t ask others “what do you think I should do?” And they don’t let their thoughts and emotions get carried away into negativity. These women choose to tune into who they are at the core, and they make decisions that best match up who they are (not who they “should be”).

#2. Accept failure. Confidence doesn’t erase failure. But, instead of backing off with their tail tacked between their legs, highly confident women take out their journal and record the lessons learned when things go wrong. They feel saddened but not derailed by the failure. They are also ready to acknowledge they are stronger as a result of the newly gained knowledge and skills to help them move forward and come closer to their goal.

#1. Stay accountable. Yes, life goes wrong for highly confident women and it happens because they too make bad decisions and wrong choices. But their GREATEST skill is to own up to it. They are less concerned about getting into trouble because of their actions than they are about owning it, FIXING it (not blaming someone else), and moving on to bigger and better things. This ability to admit to their mistakes, to own them, and learn from them, in turn fuels their confidence even more.

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Toronto Life Coach for Women, Ivana Pejakovic, B.Sc., MA, provides training and support to kind-hearted and genuine women who struggle with their self-esteem, feel stuck and trapped, or are emotionally exhausted. I offer educational programs, products, as well as in-person and online coaching and mentoring with the goal of helping my clients Reach Their Full Potential.

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