It’s almost that time of the year for small businesses to thrive - if the right marketing strategies are in place, of course. The holidays are here and so are all the events created to boost business in all aspects. From Cyber Monday to Small Business Saturday, anyone can ramp up customer engagement and sales by getting involved in these events. Here’s a little look into how and why you should take part in one in particular: Small Business Saturday.
- What is Small Business Saturday? - Small Business Saturday is the one day set aside every year to support and spread awareness of small business across the entire United States. This event was created by American Express back in 2010 and is meant to be celebrated on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. You’ll always find it right after Black Friday and before Cyber Monday. It encourages consumers to get out and shop at their local businesses, especially since it’s in the middle of the holidays.
- Run a Giveaway - A great way to create hype around your event is to run a giveaway. Everyone loves winning free prizes and gifts, so this will give consumers a little extra incentive to support your business on Small Business Saturday.
- Post Signage (Digitally + Physically) - It’s important to remind your customers about Small Business Saturday by putting up promotional signage. Be sure to post it digitally on your website and social media platforms, and on your physical storefront.
- Alert the Media - Another great way to get the word out about your event is by sending a press release to your local media outlets. Make a list of influencers, journalists, and bloggers in your area who would be interested in your event. Then, strategize a campaign. How will you reach out to these individuals? What benefits does this news bring for them? Is there an exclusive offering you can share with them and their audiences?
There’s a lot that goes into a public relations campaign, so if it’s not something you have the bandwidth to execute, consider outsourcing to a local public relations firm. After all, you’d still be supporting a small business!
We hope you have a joyous and successful Small Business Saturday!

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