According to a Gallup survey, 51% of employees are not engaged at work, which certainly is a huge problem. And when there is an increase of disengaged employees within the organization, it is likely going to hurt you more in the long run.

1. Dropping Productivity
Your once highly engaged employees might be losing their productivity, which is a clear sign that they are going towards the road of disengagement. This can become a severe concern for any organization in the long run.

2. Drop-in Quality of Work
Another sign of a disengaged employee is that they produce work, but it is not up to the desired level. They underperform and are very casual about it. They often provide less output and never come up with their problems resulting in errors in their job.

3. Employees Going Quiet
If you see an employee suddenly going quiet all of a sudden, then it is a clear sign that the employee is disengaged. There are chances that they might pull out of conversations and stay gloomy in their own space.

4. Having Anger Issues
Engagement levels are surely going to get affected when a calm employee suddenly starts having anger issues at work. Situations like these give rise to an uncomfortable work environment, further affecting other members of the team. When such things happen, then it is a clear sign that the particular employee is not satisfied with their job and is succumbing to disengagement.

5. Late at Work and Leaving Early
Getting late for work at times can happen to anyone. It might be due to some personal work or some emergency. However, disengaged employees have that tendency to arrive late for work and leave early purposely.

6. Absenteeism
If employees feel that the job is not a great fit for them, then they will be less driven towards the purpose of the company. They will try to avoid work, increasing their absence rate and eventually leading to disengagement.

7.Avoiding Responsibilities
Engaged employees are more likely to be open to responsibilities and new challenges. However, disengaged employees do the opposite quite often. They try to avoid further problems and make excuses when it comes to taking responsibilities. Know more...

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