If you want to become a successful forex trader, you will surely need to develop your trading strategies which help to increase your profit and reduce the level of risk These are the basics of Forex trading you should know-

1. Practice on a demo account - Another key to becoming a successful trader is to practice your trading strategy using virtual money. Trading on a demo account will allow you to develop a sound strategy and help you work out your style of trading.

2. Create your own strategy- Successful traders have a trading plan that is detailed yet summarize, clear and covers as many trading scenarios as possible. This is your business plan. Your trading success depends on this document.

3. Use leverage to your advantage - This is part of good money management. Leverage is a gift and a curse, utilize it wisely. Learn what leverage is and how it is calculated. Check with your broker regarding leverage amounts allowed.

4. Analyze Your Trades - Successful traders make detailed notes about their trades. Recording information pertaining to each trade that includes but is not limited to price action, pairs traded, date, time, market sentiment, and emotions felt during the trade are very beneficial.

5. Take a Review of Your Trades - A successful trader reviews all trades taken during that week. Understand why a trade worked or didn’t work.

6. Have patience - Like any skill that you learn it will take time to perfect your craft. You will need patience when understanding the nature of Forex trading. You will need patience when looking for a great trading opportunity. You will need patience when waiting for a trade to close out.

7. Follow Rules - A Successful trader is diligent about being a disciplined trader. Follow your trading rules—NEVER BREAK THEM. Don’t take trades you haven’t thought out and understand.

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