While there are people who achieve wealth quickly, the majority of people build wealth over the years. They start slowly and with a small amount of money, and it grows from there. While there are many ways to build wealth, here are 7 simple and affective ways to help you build your wealth a little quicker:

1. Have a plan. Most people that say they want to be wealthy, never consider how they intend to get there. Your plan doesn't have to be elaborate or strict. It should be simple to follow and include a specific amount each paycheck for savings.

2. Make sure you take part in any type of retirement plan your job may offer. It is always simpler if you don't see the money that gets taken out of your paycheck.

3. Wait and pay cash. While a major purchase like a house may be more beneficial purchased with the use of a mortgage, vehicles and other items reap huge savings when you pay cash. Purchase slightly used vehicles instead of new and tuck away the savings toward the purchase of your next car. Eventually you'll be able to buy one with cash in hand. When you do, make a coupon book and borrow the money from yourself. Pay yourself the interest you would have given to a lending institution.

4. Realize that things don't make you a better person. Too many people try to keep up with the neighbors and make outlandish purchases for appearance sake. Instead of happiness, they get the stress that comes from overextending yourself. Don't buy the house in the fancy neighborhood, just to worry about the gas being turned off each month. You deserve better. Live well but not to excess.

5. Make your money work hard for you. Use various types of investments found in mutual funds. Make sure that you learn how to balance the funds so they are age appropriate. The younger you are, the more stock funds you should own. Use different types of stock funds. The two classes of stock are value stock and growth stock. Both flourish in different environments. Within each class, there are large companies, mid sized and small ones. The names given to these are large cap, mid cap and small cap funds. Cap means capitalization or how much money the companies have. Don't forget bond funds. With a good mix, you're prepared for any type of market.

6. Avoid the trendy movements in investing. By the time everyone knows that gold is up, it's on the way down. Stay solid with a balanced portfolio and don't worry about the latest trend. Wealth building is a marathon not a sprint. Don't try to beat the market or chase the hottest investment.

7. Use your money for fun too. You can dread every minute of you saving your money. You need to see some kind of reward. Remember to reward yourself occasionally. Have fun with it. You need to enjoy you life as it goes by and not just after you retire.

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