Have you ever wondered why your feline friends acts they way they do? What makes them want to stalk, scratch, greet you, purr, or at times be a complete loner? What makes them so independent? They really only require humans to fulfill a couple of needs then from there they can mostly take care of themselves. Knowing the reasoning behind what they do, will make it easier for you live in harmony with your beloved kitty.

1. Purring:

We all know that cats purr at times when being pet to demonstrate their pleasure or satisfaction. Did you also know that cats purr when they are sad or in pain. A female cat purrs while giving birth to kittens. Purring shows that they require some help or attention.

2. Greeting:

Greeting is a part of cat's behavior, which is expressed by rubbing its body or face against your body. Cats show their love and trust in you by lying down, turning over, yawning or stretching and retracting their claws.

3. Privacy:

After a cat uses their litter box, they bury their business. Most people believe this habit is because they are a clean animal. The real reason for this is to hide it from more domineering animals. In the environment they live in now this domineering creature would be you, their master.

4. Grooming:

Because cats are such clean animals they groom after eating. Because they have uneven surfaces on their tongues that untangle and remove the muck, they use their tongues to moisten their paws and use them to wash off their face. They also do this to wash any other part of their body that they can't reach.

5. Kitty Tails:

When a cat wags it's tail it usually is because they are irritated, annoyed, or angry. However, this is not the only time a cat will wag their tail. Cats also do this when they are stalking their prey. When you might see it is when they are chasing their favorite toy, or even a laser pen. This is just a way of letting of some steam from plotting their next move.

6. Catnaps:

The term 'catnap' is not just a term. In fact a cat's favorite past time is sleeping. It includes deep sleep, cat snooze and sleeping with shut eyes. The older cats doze more than the younger ones. They explore for soft places to nap that are warm and cozy.

7. Food Habits:

A strange meal time ritual is when a cat removes their food from their bowl and puts it on the floor. Well, after knowing why they do this it's not so strange. This helps them grind down their food into small pieces and makes it visible to which pieces are ready to be consumed.

Another strange eating habit is when a cat eats grass, or some of your favorite houseplants. This isn't to annoy you. Your cat eats these things when they have indigestion. After eating these things your cat will vomit making them feel much better.

Cats are multifarious creatures. Their behavior mainly depends on natural factors as well as on the genes and the atmosphere in which the cat develops. To really understand a cat and their behavior could take a lifetime and a fun and love filled lifetime it would be.

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