Life purpose is very important to me. I'm sure it's very important to you too. It’s only natural to wonder about whether you are on purpose or, if you are on the right path. In working with my own life purpose, I've noticed some guidance that comes through repeatedly. I'm going to share these insights with you.

Here are the 7 signs that you are following your life purpose:

1. You are alive.
Yes, that might sound simple, but it's true. If you are alive right now, you are following your life purpose. You might not have a job or career situation that makes you happy. But, chances are, you have some hobbies or another role that creates much joy and a feeling of purpose in your life. Perhaps, you are a mom or a dad? Or, perhaps, you are an awesome musician? Those things count towards life purpose too!

I differentiate between life purpose, career, and job. In an ideal world, they all intersect, but sometimes, this is not the case. Sometimes, you might need to have a job to pay the bills while you follow your purpose. Or, you pick a career area that is not your first choice in order to help you to break into another related field. But, you are still on the right path for you. Just keep on keeping on--it will all come together soon.

2. You lose track of time when engaged in activities related to your life purpose.
Have you ever noticed that when you are in the divine flow time seems to just fly? You wonder how 10 hours passed. I've had this with my writing or playing guitar. When you truly enjoy something, the time will go by quickly.

I'm sure you've noticed the exact opposite when you're at a job you dislike. The hours and even minutes drag. All you can think about is it ending, so that you can go home. If you're in this situation right now, the key is to do an activity every day for even 20 minutes that brings you joy and passion. This will help you to cope until a more joyful job manifests for you.

3. You have tons of energy.
When you're on purpose, you will have amazing amounts of energy, especially the physical type. Your thoughts and ideas will flow more easily. You also will be inspired (the word inspired means in-spirit).

Even when you're working very hard, you'll be energized by it. Working 12 hours will seem like you've worked three hours. In fact, your energy will keep building. You'll want to keep on "working"--which brings me to the next point.

4. You don't feel like you are "working."
Besides time going by quickly and having more energy, you won't feel like you are working at all. Sure, sometimes, you will need a break, but you'll be excited to get back to work.

The interesting thing you'll notice is that you won't even refer to your work as work. I've noticed that with close family members and friends who have integrated their jobs and careers with their life purpose. Their language is not the typical, "I dread going to work."

5. You don't get tired of helping others and being of service.
When you are following your life purpose, you will have so much energy, as mentioned. The one checkpoint relates to how you feel about helping other people. I'm sure you've been in situations with your job or career in which you wanted to hide under your desk. You were too tired to want to help your boss, coworkers, clients, or customers. You wanted them to just go away.

When you're on purpose, you'll welcome opportunities to serve everyone from your boss to your customers. You'll feel very happy to give. This giving won't drain you at all. You will feel energized by giving to others.

Sometimes, people in the helping professions or other career areas talk about burnout on the job. They'll talk about how they needed better boundaries because they gave too much to others. I agree that you need to do self-care working in any field, but helping others should not drain you. If it does, maybe you might want to reconsider your career or job choice? This is just some food for thought for you.

6. Abundance flows to you easily and effortlessly.
When you're following your life purpose, all the good stuff flows to you more easily. This is because the energy you are putting out is loving and of a high vibration.

You attract who you are--so, if you are loving, you'll attract love in your life. If you are giving, then, you'll attract people who give to you. This might sound simplistic and really it is--the entire universe is made up of energy. Everything is energy. By working with your own energy output, you'll be able to attract wonderful things into your life. It all starts with you.

Do things to jog your memory about what brings joy and think about ideas about how to incorporate into their daily life. Yes, your hobbies are related to your purpose. I'm sure you can think of many people who started their hobbies as a way to handle stress and eventually, they turned them into a business. I could fill a book with stories of people I know who have done this.

So, why would you be any different? You can be a success too and follow your passions. Just take it one baby step at a time. You don't need to leap from your day job into your own business all at once. Do both for a while and slowly phase out of the day job. It can be done. Many have walked this path. You can too!

7. You would still do your work of purpose even if you became a millionaire tomorrow.
Let's say the sweepstakes people came to your door with balloons and a big check. You just won millions of dollars. Would you still do the work of your heart that brings you the feeling of purpose and service to others? If you answered "yes," you're on the right path.

Well, you might switch to part-time or give away some of it for free. But, you'd still do it, right? Many success teachers will ask a question like this: "If money were no object, what would your life look like?" I love to use this question to create my ideal life. Have some fun and answer this question. Write down what comes to you without thinking too hard about it. This is a great first step.

Author's Bio: 

Lisa Selow is an empowering intuitive who specializes in life purpose readings. She also provides spiritual coaching that moves you forward as your true self into a life of purpose, authenticity, and success on your terms. For more information, see her website,