The question I am asked the most about the law of attraction is how to stay focused on your big dream in spite of all the distractions that life throws your way. People want specific strategies to keep you focused for success. I have found the following 7 tips to be extremely powerful in helping me stay focused. You will too.

1. Have a Big WHY. This is important. Unless you have a strong reason reason 'why' you want to manifest something, you will never be using all your energy and putting all your attention on what needs to be done. You will find yourself distracted from the important things. But when your WHY is strong and you are passionate about achieving your dream, you WILL find the strength to face even the most challenging tasks.

2. Write Your Success. Write down your goals and dreams. Spell them out in detail. Be as specific as you can and include every little thing about your dream that you can think of. Putting your dreams down on paper solidifies them in your mind, and transfers your desires to your inner self. Plus, it forces you to think about your dream from angles and perspectives that you might not have thought of before.

3. See Your Success. Visualize yourself having already achieved your dream. In your mind's eye, see yourself living and loving your new future. But don't just imagine the thing that you want. Be sure to put yourself into the picture. Don't just visualize a new car, see yourself actually driving that new car.

4. Affirm Your Success. Reinforce your success by speaking your dreams into reality. Create a powerful set of affirmations that include all of the positive qualities you want to develop in yourself. Use them daily to create those necessary changes that will empower your manifesting ability.

5. Evaluate Your Success. Make sure you are headed in the right direction by pausing and checking the results of your efforts and hard work. Ask yourself some tough questions. "Is my plan working?" "Am I on track?" "What can I do differently to get better results?" Make adjustments in your plans if you need to, but be certain that you are still on track toward your big dream.

6. Take Action Every Day. Action is the only thing on your end of the manifesting process that is moving you forward in the world. Take some kind of action on your dream every single day. The actions you take don't have to big and time consuming, they can be as small as reading an article or looking up a resource. The important thing is to stay in motion, to keep doing something that relates to your dream.

7. Believe In Your SELF. This is the most important thing that you can do. It is critical for your success. In fact, if you do not believe in your ability to change your life, the law of attraction guarantees that you will be right! But the opposite is also true, if you believe that you have within yourself the power to create change, the power to manifest your desires, then the laws of attraction will open up endless worlds of possibility for you to reach your dreams.

Learning how to stay focused is easy... if you are committed to reaching your dream. These seven strategies to keep you focused for success have made a world of difference in my own life, helping me pay attention to what is really important, so that I manifest only those things and situations that are really what I want. They will do the same for you, they will help you unlock your manifesting power and bring your dreams into reality!

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