•High liquidity and the best price - At any time in the foreign exchange market, there are always traders willing to buy or sell, and the foreign exchange market is a city that never sleeps.

•24/5 trades from anywhere - Trading 24 hours a day from weekday to Friday, You can choose to trade at any time - Europe, US and Asian trading hours. When the trading periods of different regions overlap, the liquidity of the foreign exchange market can reach a maximum.

•You can trade at least $100! - The initial capital of foreign exchange is much lower than other financial markets. Trading leverage on Forex allows you to manipulate hundreds of times your money with a small margin.

•Two-way trading - The stock market may collapse, securities may lose their value, but when a currency depreciates, the other party will appreciate, so you can always make money.

•Easy to conduct the market analysis -There are only 4 major currency pairs in the foreign exchange market. You can focus on only one or a few currency pairs. Monitoring the news and market analysis of four currency pairs is easier than paying attention to thousands of stocks

•Easy to get started- The broker offers you demo accounts, training sessions and workshops, video tutorials, news, charts and market analysis so you can practice your trading skills.

•Automated trading - You don't have to spend a lot of time researching charts and all price changes in front of your computer. With automatic indicators and signals, you will receive a reversal of any important events or trends.

•Security - In the securities market, information has great asymmetry. Because some financial practitioners or listed company management may be lurking in the market, this information asymmetry, the news that investors get from the stock market may be seriously lagging or even false. This will not happen in the foreign exchange market. All the information in the foreign exchange margin trading

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