No one will be surprised to hear that living life comes with many lessons and gained wisdom. So I did a little survey with older women. I was curious to see what knowledge and wisdom they gained throughout the years that they wish they knew when they were younger.

Here is my Top 9 List

9. Slow Down. Don’t keep waiting and living for the next BIG thing. Enjoy what you have in the moment. Really big things only come around once in a while, but life and simplicity happens every day. Don’t discard the little things because they’re “ordinary moments”.

8. Respect yourself more. You don’t need anyone to re-affirm your self-worth. And you don’t need to wait for others to show you respect before you can think you are deserving of it. The people you most want respect from are too busy looking to others to give them the respect they crave. If they are focused on themselves, how will they ever acknowledge you the way you want to be acknowledged?

7. Don’t be too stubborn to take mom’s/ dad’s advice. Growing up all you wanted to do is ‘be your own person and make your own decisions’... and especially ignore the decisions your old-fashioned parents wanted you to make. As adults, we have the same knee-jerk reaction. This particular woman realized that she was too often focusing on what her parents don’t know instead of what they did know. When it comes to fast paced evolution of our society parents often fall behind in fashion, music, and technology, however, the wisdom they gained in life never goes out of style and is not something that can be easily discarded.

6. Never say “Who Cares!” This one is for free-spirited women who love to jump from experience to experience. The one’s that have a problem with commitment - not just in relationships but with commitment to goals and promises). Everything is an opportunity for something. The more “who cares” phrases you say, the more you’ll feel like you missed out on wonderful things down the road.

5. Work on developing good habits. Having good habits earlier in life changes many experiences, saves time, and prevents unnecessary discomfort. These habits which have such a powerful influence on shaping your image of who you are will make a difference between being stuck and enjoying life for what it’s meant to be.

4. Choose your friends carefully. Your circle of peers matters. It’s never as obvious then when you look back on the years and see how your social circle influenced you. Even if they don’t influence you negatively, ask yourself if they inspire you to love yourself or if they inspire you to go for what you dream of. Do they inspire you into anything?

3. Stop saying ‘Later.’ Later leads to “Never” for many of the things you hoped to accomplish. One of the respondents said “If I wasn’t so insecure I wouldn’t have procrastinated to go after so many of my goals. After a while I just gave up on the things I wanted to do because I thought it was too late and pointless... I didn’t believe I had high chances of success anyways.”

2. You’re never too old. “At 30 I told myself I was too old to go back to school. At 40 I told myself I was too old to adopt a child. At 50 I told myself I was too old to change my career. At 60 I told myself I was too old to start long-term goals. At 70 I told myself I was too old to start exercising. At 80 I couldn’t believe I ever thought I was too old at 30, 40, 50, 60...” What is the point here? Think of your current age from the perspective of an 80 year-old woman. Would she say you were too old to start your dreams? You’re never too old to experience life.

1. Love Yourself. Love all of yourself. It’s not enough to value your soul or inner self (which you are told is perfect). You must learn to love and value your body and mind too (which you are often told has flaws and falls short). We are sent conflicting messages about how to think of our soul and body. We are conditioned to believe our soul is flawless while at the same time we are conditioned to believe our outer body needs to be improved and our mind and actions need to be better, smarter, faster. It’s not surprising then that there is a discrepancy in our feelings and attitude towards our mind-body-soul. All three need to be aligned.

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