Here are some tips to improve the Feng Shui of your bedroom. Before you go out to get yourself a whole basket of Feng Shui ornaments and get all confused with your Kua/Gua numbers, you should first check your bedroom against this list below:

1. Never have the bed pointing out to a bedroom door. When you sleep, you shall never ever sleep directly opposite to the bedroom door.

2. Never ever sleep directly on the floor.

3. Invest in proper bed frame which has space between the frame and floor. Do not get those that come with storage units. Have a proper and stable bed, one with a headboard.

4. The bed should be placed against a wall (no windows on this wall). If the wall has windows and you have no other choice, then, make sure you have good thick curtains to cover the windows when you sleep.

5. Never had clutter underneath your bed. Storage units under beds are bad ideas. If you have those, keep the storage units empty. In fact, keep your bedroom clutter-free. It is a place to rest and rejuvenation.

6. Check the quality of your bed and mattress. Is it high time for change? Get a new mattress if need be. Never get a used mattress as you won’t know whether someone die in it.

7. Don’t sleep under pillars or near shelves or cupboards. If you have overhead beams over your bed, paint them the same color as your ceiling to reduce the negative effect on your sleep.

8. Never have mirrors in front of your bed. Instead, you can place it beside such that you do not see them when you wake up.

9. Do not place television set in your bedroom. If you really need it in your bedroom, place it far away from your bed. It should not be placed in front of your bed. It will affect your sleep. If you like, you can put a nice photo or painting on the wall facing your bed.

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