Today more than ever, the Law of Attraction can be used to keep your job or move up to a higher position within or outside of your company. I am coaching a new client who is losing sleep over keeping her job with a large nutrition company in California. There is a lot of conflict in the office and fear about who is going to be the next to go. Andrea has been with the company for 6 years and wants to move up within the company. There is a freeze on hiring and they will only promote within the company.

Her colleague is vying for the same position, and there is often conflict between the two of them in the office. The arguments are heated and often overheard by others who may be working for one of them once they are promoted.
Andrea and I worked on how she could effectively use the Law of Attraction to create a sense of harmony and fair play. Remember, the Law of Attraction brings us whatever we give our attention, energy, and focus to—whether negative or positive!

Here are 9 ways to reduce conflict by focusing more on what you want and less on what you don’t want in the office by staying positive.

1.When you have a disruption in the office and you have been arguing or disagreeing for some time, take your meeting to the conference room as soon as you can. Then come up with a plan to work out your differences in private.
2.You both may have strong opinions but you want to respect both sides of the issue. Write up the strengths of your opinions and then meet with the other person to discuss them.
3.If there is a lot of tension between the two of you, have a third neutral party facilitate a problem solving discussion around the issue.
4.Come up with a way to work together or have the third party solve the issue for you, if you cannot come to an agreement.
5.Choose a date and come up with at least 8-10 things that you can agree upon.
6.Remember you don’t have to like each other, but you do have to find a way to work together, and plan a way to do this.
7.Your arguing is negatively affecting your group, and sometimes your advancement within the company. What do you intend to do about it?
8.It is not realistic to think we will like everyone we work with. However, we should always treat everyone with respect and act professionally. Can you honestly say you are doing that?
9.Avoiding conflict in your office will not make the situation go away. Have a private meeting with the person you are having a conflict with and put your issues on the table. Only then can the issues possibly be solved.

Andrea met with her colleague to work on their issues. They needed to meet a few times to work things out. Depending on the situation and the people involved, it may take more than one meeting to iron things out. Andrea’s colleague has recently become more of a supporter of Andrea’s ideas and there is less resistance between the two of them. The experience has taught Andrea to focus on solutions using the Law of Attraction and to always focus on what you want in your relationships. Her boss has noticed the approach Andrea took and commented on how grateful she is to have someone who is pro-active in having better relationships. Are there relationships in your office that you need to work on to keep your job?

Andrea won the promotion with glowing reviews. She had special notation on her promotion that said “her attitude and sense of partnership” had her stand out and they will groom her for even a higher position within the company. Congratulations Andrea!

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