Did you know that the word “person” comes from the Greek roots per, meaning through and son, meaning sound? In fact, several words in our language reveal the recurring presence of vibration and sound. The word “absurd” comes from the Latin root surdus and means to be out of tune, or the inability to hear. The word “resonance” comes from the Latin verb resonare, and means “to return to sound.” Agrippa von Nettesheim, Dutch physician from the 16th century once wrote, “A person who is ill is no longer in harmony with the universe.” Before modern medicine, many physicians were also musicians, mathematicians and astronomers who found answers regarding health corresponding to what they observed in Nature. There is a system of healing that takes into account this connectivity between the human body and the Heavenly bodies.

Acutonics®, Acu (for acupuncture) tonics (soothing tones that heal) is a system developed by Donna Carey, PhD, LAc, author of There’s No Place Like Ohm. After a near-death experience during which she heard the music of the spheres, Carey was inspired to develop a system that would infuse the body with these healing tones. Acutonics is unique to other sound methods because it recognizes and supports the connection between planetary movement and the energy circuits in the body. Based on the Tao, Undifferentiated Wholeness, planets in their heavenly elliptical orbits are held in place by the same power that keeps our organs and cells in place. Could this power be what String Theorists call the “G-factor,” G for gravity and for God…? When we look at the word heal, it comes from the old English word hal, meaning whole. So to heal oneself actually means to become whole – to return to Wholeness, perhaps also where the word “holiness” is derived.

In Chinese Medicine there are five branches governing health: diet, exercise, meditation, astrology and acupuncture. Although, astrology is sometimes relegated to the realm of the fanciful, the Acutonics Curriculum is working to revive the validity of this ancient science. Tuning forks, calibrated to specific planetary vibrations are applied to the acupuncture points, acting as gateways to deeper energy pathways known as the eight extraordinary vessels. In accessing these pathways, resonance is restored between the planetary frequency and the respective organ, meridian or emotional pattern associated with that energy circuit. When two objects have identical frequencies and one is vibrated, the other object will also begin to vibrate, a process known as sympathetic resonance. The application of two tuning forks, one on the opening point, the other on the balancing point, is analogous to charging a battery. The vibrations create a wave pattern that “charges” what it touches as that wave is carried through the circuit.

An example of this tuning fork application is that of Mars and Venus, ruling masculine (yang) and feminine (yin) energies respectively. Together, they also help maintain proper kidney function as Mars rules the kidney meridian (energy pathway), and Venus rules the organ itself. The kidneys are fundamental to one’s health because they, unlike the other organs which are either yin or yang, contain both yin and yang energies. They are responsible for nourishing the brain, governing the reproductive system, are associated with low back pain, (often occurring when we feel unsupported), correspond to the emotion of fear, and house our Original Essence. Kidney yin (water) with kidney yang (fire) is like a steam engine that generates proper flow among the rest of the organs. Applying Mars and Venus frequencies to the body’s energy system revitalizes Qi, boosts the immune system (Mars = Defender), balances hormones (Venus), regulates circulation, and harmonizes yin and yang in the body. Together they create the interval of a 5th, which the body immediately recognizes as natural balance or homeostasis.

In Five Element Theory, each element has two organs, one yin, one yang, so when considering planetary tones to establish homeopathic resonance and correct imbalances, here are some examples that might apply:

In case of imbalances with the Water organs kidney and bladder, one might use Venus and Pluto. If disease occurs with the Wood organs liver and gallbladder, one might apply Jupiter and Saturn. Digestive problems can flare up in Earth’s stomach and spleen, and depending on the issue, i.e., heartburn or bloating, one might use Moon, Earth or Sun, respectively. In the case of Metal organs lung and large intestine, one might use Mercury and/or Chiron to help the assimilation process. Very often sinus issues (lung) are paired with digestive issues (sluggish bowels) because of their elemental relationship. Heart and Small Intestine (along with two energy meridians, Pericardium and Triple Heater) belong to the Fire element. In astrology, the heart is ruled by Leo and the Sun; the small intestine shares its ruler with the large intestine, Chiron. These are just a few examples, but many combinations may apply depending on the individual’s general constitution, temperament and symptoms presented.

Whether choosing to work with planetary frequencies or another methodology, the overall benefits of sound healing are immeasurable. Since the body is mostly water – between 70-80%, and considering that vibration travels faster in water, sound is an excellent medium for transforming unhealthy patterns. Simply listening to music without any intention for healing, will release endorphins, reduce stress in the body, balance left and right hemispheres of the brain, and create a better flow of energy within the individual. When combined with specific intention, however, sound has the power to unlock disease-producing patterns, and re-establish fluidity, balance and health to one’s life. Returning to sound enables us to remember that we are all variations on One Great Theme, contributing to the infinite process of Creation.

Author's Bio: 

Jennifer Gehl, BA, NCBTMB, LMBT #5701, is a Certified Acutonics® Practitioner and Instructor of Levels I and II. With a Bachelor’s in Music, post-graduate studies in acupuncture, astrology, and certification in Massage, Reiki (Usui and Karuna), Healing Touch and Spiritual Counseling, she created Sound Works, LLC to combine her skills in the service of sound healing.

Published in New Life Journal, Natural Awakenings (Florida, NC, Alabama), and Aquarius (Atlanta), Ms. Gehl is responsible for writing several articles on sound healing, the science of sound, and harmonic medicine. One of her case studies can be found in the new Acutonics® textbook There’s No Place Like Ohm, 2nd edition.

Now residing in Pennsylvania, Jennifer splits her time between three of the area’s holistic centers that are committed to educating the public regarding holistic health and the awareness of sound to heal.