Funny as it may seem single men never have a well stocked pantry. In order to keep healthy it’s important to have this pantry stocked because the alternative is usually junk or fast food. Bellow will be a number of easy tips for your pantry and healthier meals.

1. Water
As silly as this may sound water is probably the most important part of your diet. Nobody likes to drink right out of the tap so either have a jug of cold water in the fridge or keep well stocked with bottled water.

2. Milk
Low fat milk is a must for your fridge. A nice bowl of cereal in the morning is a great way to get your day started.

3. Fruit
If you have to buy junk food why not buy fruit instead. It’s great for snacking and a whole lot healthier then potato chips.

4. Carrots
Just add some low fat dip and you have a great snack food that’s better than any deep fried goods.

5. Peanut Butter
Peanut butter is a great source of protein while not worrying about fat. You can use peanut butter on your toast in the morning instead of butter.

6. Eggs
Eggs are a must for some easy bake products plus they are a must for your protein filled breakfast.

7. Yogurt
A great snack in the summer time. You can use it to make all kinds of shakes and believe it or not yogurt is a great staple with chicken.

8. Butter
Butters not the healthiest for you but it’s a must for your baked goods as well it makes your eggs taste that much better in the morning.

9. Lemons
If you eat seafood then these are a must. On top of that a great, cold glass of lemonade at the end of a hard day hits the spot better than anything else.

10. Mayo
Not a great product to use every day but a must for tuna or chicken salad. It’s also great with dry items. It’s important to buy the low fat kind.

11. Mustard
Great on sandwiches other than mayo. Mustard is a great way to knock out the fat in your diet.

12. Cheese
You absolutely have to have cheese. You don’t want to go overboard but there is nothing better for a dull meal than adding some cheese to it.

13. Drinks
You don’t want to have things too boring so buy some different kinds of drinks. Fruit juice, beer and soda pop. You don’t have to go overboard but a couple beers now and then aren’t going to hurt you.

14. Fresh Ginger
Just put some raw ginger in your fridge. Don’t cover it or anything like that. This will help to keep your food nice and fresh in the fridge.

15. Bread
Buy some fresh bread at your local baker. A nice sandwich once in a while is great. Just don’t go hog wild on the carbs.

16. Canned Fruits And Veggies
Even though fresh is always better, canned is better in a pinch then chips and other oily snack foods. Plus canned food can last very long in the cupboard.

17. Pasta
There’s not much to say about pasta other than it’s a good quick meal.

18. Spices And Herbs
This is all you need to add some zing to your meal. It doesn’t matter what your eating good herbs and spices will give you a different meal every time.

19. Cereal
Cereal is great for a quick meal anytime of the day. A quick bowl of breakfast is healthier for you any day as compared to muffins or donuts that you have to wait in line for.

I realize there were no meats mentioned here because all of these are just to be quick snacks. In no way are they meant to replace good home cooked meals.

Dale Mazurek

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