Thomas Kinkade, The Painter of Light, paints a world of tranquil beauty through strategically placed shimmering lights. Kinkade is also an author, and in his book Lightposts for Living he states that he believes most people vicariously experience simplicity through books and paintings without ever realizing the possibilities that exist in their own life.

Simplicity is more than reading about and yearning for the good old days. Simplicity involves choices. You can choose the trappings of the frenzied rush or seek serenity. You can choose to take on more commitments or learn to say ‘no’ to activities that drain your energy and motivation. You can choose to accumulate more stuff or recognize when enough is enough. As Kinkade believes, you can consciously choose to turn on the beacon of light in your life and experience joy every day.

The principle concept of simple living is to cultivate an attitude of gratitude and find pleasure in the abundance of what is already yours. Why struggle to find happiness? All it takes is making a decision to joyfully experience the light that surrounds you. It is a choice to live simply, yet abundantly.

Every day remember it is the little things in life that add the greatest joy. Give yourself permission to take a break and indulge in simple pleasures. It may be taking fifteen minutes to enjoy an impromptu conversation with a neighbor or popping in your favorite music and singing along. It may be reading a story to a child or lounging in the tub for a half hour. It may be meditating beside a waterfall, knitting a scarf or discovering bugs under a rock. All you have to do is just open your eyes and notice the beauty and simple wonders and your heart will overflow with joy. Be ready to receive the gift of light and the gift of joy.

Simple living is a choice and it is yours. Decide today if you are truly choosing simple pleasures or living vicariously through someone else’s words or pictures.

The Challenge
For the next 30 days establish a mental workout to increase gratitude. Keep a daily list of all the people you love to be around. Write down all the items you thankfully possess—items that are useful or bring beauty into your life. Be open to see and experience the treasures of life.

Stop complaining. Complaining bogs you down and saps your energy while you drag others down with you. Complaining about the mess you are in or the disorganization around you or all the things you do not have and cannot afford will do nothing to change the situation. Moaning and groaning just brings forth more moaning and groaning. Negative energy creates a downward spiral and quickly extinguishes the possibilities of light.

Instead of waiting for things to get better, be grateful for your life as it is right now. Wake up each morning with a brighter attitude. Focus on the opportunities that are already evident. You deserve a beacon of light in your life. Begin today to choose simplicity as that beacon.

Author's Bio: 

Judith Ann Kirk, owner of Organizing Resources, believes that we can achieve a simpler, organized lifestyle if we so choose. Yes, it is a matter of choice--choosing to change behaviors and learning to make wise decisions.

For over 15 years, Judith has provided hands-on and coaching services to individuals who have chosen to simplify their life and organize their environment. She uses a holistic approach to teach life management skills that assures an immediate physical, emotional and psychological payoff when chaos and clutter are eliminated. Order is the foundation upon which to build inner peace, contentment and joy. The process is simple: first simplify, then organize. You can create an abundant life of more money, more energy, more space and more time when you follow the fundamentals or organization.