A Cool Little Trick So You’ll Spend Less Time Cold Calling
By Leslie Buterin

This whole idea about cold calling company presidents and using audio email to leverage your time for more face-to-face meetings is about an amazing technology but at the same time-- it’s really not about the technology at all.

I know that sounds whacked, just stick with me on this.

John Naisbett and author of Megatrends spoke at a convention I attended. He really nailed it when he said …

“The Internet is not a technological revolution, it’s a sociological revolution.”

I had to pay attention to the guy because when he looks into his crystal ball to forecast the future direction of business—his100% accuracy makes him a force to be reckoned with.

I was sitting with an audience of IT Executives. Our brains were so primed to hear about technology that I almost missed the brilliant flash of the gem of truth that Naisbett gave us. Which is simply this ... every good relationship, personal or business is built on meaningful communication.

What’s in that statement that you can profit from?

I noodled that very thought over for a while and the light bulb surprised me when it went on.

Internet technology is an inexpensive vehicle you can use to increase the frequency and broaden the outreach of meaningful communication.

It gives you the ability to stay in touch with more people. I think of it as “push button communications”. And am blown way by what this kind of ease and affordability is doing for my business and can do for yours as well.

The guys who use audio on web sites are fully aware of why their “secret weapon” is responsible for their increase in sales by 37% … which in turn made me want to explore the possibilities of using audio in emails as yet another prospecting tool!

Here’s what they know accounts for this surge in sales …

The customers’ desire to buy has absolutely to do with technology. These sales have everything to do with the audible connection … the real live voices of their colleagues that they hear.

The same reasoning applies to your Top Dog prospects.

Let’s put these thoughts in the framework of your everyday life. First, think about this …

What would you have to pay to get your entire group of happy clients in one room to talk about how they profit by doing business with you?

What would it cost to get those folks in one room with so just one prospect could listen in?

Now, picture your prospect booting up his computer and per his assistant’s request opening your email. See him reading your instructions to make sure his speakers are turned on. Notice how he fiddles with the volume control and clicks on your audio button.

Examine his face as he stares into the screen and listens intently to his Top Dog colleagues (your happy clients) speaking his Top Dog language and stating every single one of the great things they get out of doing business with you, using your products and services.

Watch him tilt his head ever so slightly to the right as his peers recommend doing business with you—see his hand pick up a pen, make a note for his assistant to put through the next call that comes from you.

Why on earth does this executive-level prospect want to see you and only you?

Because, he’s just heard his significant influencers, his peers talk about topics he’s interested in. Are you getting this? The Top Dog just heard a sale presentation without any interruptions! It’s like he listened in on Survivor with a bunch of people who all chose you!

You may be like me and thinking, “Sounds interesting, but I don’t have time to learn anything else, especially new technology for heavens sakes!”

This is so easy to use your grandmother could do it. You and granny can have a blast recording and listening to your voice—without spending a dime and in less than 7 minutes of your time.

Explore the possibilities of adding audio e-mail to your prospecting tactics and marvel at how it gives you instant credibility, positions you as someone to be listened to, and catapults you into the executive suites.

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Dear Colleagues, Friends,

Please join me for a moment in picturing a world of commerce where sales professionals consistently present their quality products and services to high-level decision makers as a regular course of doing business, not a matter of chance.

In this imagined world, gatekeepers, voice mail, and lack of confidence are no longer problems and salespersons are never degraded to how-low-can-you-go prices, as though their valuable products and services were commodities doled out to the lowest bidder. The eight out of ten doors that are now closed during cold calls to prospects would instead open with ease. And in the rare instance when you do hear, "If he's interested, we'll call you" you smile, knowing that if you want to you can take control of that prospect with a solid sales strategy and specific tactics that'll transform that "brush off" into a sale and a satisfied client.

At Top Dog Consulting we believe such a world is possible and because sales drive a healthy worldwide economy, we have an obligation to make it happen.

I started Top Dog Consulting more than seven years ago in order to share the approach to securing executive-level appointments I discovered during my personal struggle to get into the executive suites and, very literally, to overcome my paralyzing fear of cold calls.

Over a two year span of time I invested $140,000 of my services and countless hours in exchange for the opportunity to figure out how to put into action the idea of a CEO who wanted to grow his multi-million dollar business to the next level, and make it a billion dollar enterprise. The idea? To change the point of entry of each sales call. The sales team was to shorten the buying cycle, increase the size of sale, and meet with those who had unlimited check signing authority. They were to begin the sales process with top executives. The challenge? Everyone wanted to start at the top. No one knew how to get in. I figured it out. Great concept, solid implementation, and it worked big time.

Once I achieved consistency in securing face-to-face time with "Top Dogs", I knew it was my purpose to make certain others had this information, to help empower others to attain extraordinary success in sales, to equip you to present your quality products and services to THE decision makers, one high-level cold call at a time ... without feeling like a weenie, begging for attention! This is my mission at Top Dog Consulting and the principles behind this mission are carried out by Top Dog Consulting's innovative cold calling metrics and regimens.

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With the promise of hope and a future,

Leslie Buterin