It seems that it is more difficult to have something really original nowadays. It is true that it is more difficult for us to have something totally new these days. As a result, in order to invent something "new", a lot of people will try to twist some existing ideas. In some cases people may even pull a few ideas together so as to create something new.

In fact, the above is also true for dieting plans. A lot of diets are just twisted from some existing diets. Twisting some existing diets which have been proved to be working will help to ensure that the twisted version will also work.

In fact, there is a diet which can be considered the results from pulling a few different diets together. The basic idea behind it is an eating plan when is rich in protein. Yet the intake of carbohydrates will be minimized. You can treat this part as a varied version of the Atkins diet.

Besides, the eating plan, the diet also emphasizes on the importance of exercises. This is the same as Abs Diet. The notion behind exercising is that the metabolic rate will be increased. And as a result more calories will be burnt. The exercises will help you to lose weight in a faster pace than taking an eating plan alone. As a matter of fat, the exercises will help to make sure that the weight loss effect lasts longer. And the probability of weight gain after the diet will be decreased.

When a person takes this plan, there are two choices. You can decide which one will be more suitable. The first option is to reduce the intake of carbohydrates to twenty grams everyday. This will last for two weeks. After this stage, you can increase the intake of carbs to forty to sixty grams a day.

The second choice is that you will limit your intake of carbs to sixty grams a day. And at the same time you have to limit the intake of calories to 1200 a day. Again, this will last for two weeks. In the next five weeks after this stage, you will be allowed to take 1600 calories a day.

As mentioned, you will also need to do some exercises when you are taking this diet. Normally, you will be able to lose eight to ten pounds in the first stage. And in the second stage the pace of weight loss will become two pounds a week.

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