Many people would like to buy a home but are afraid of losing money on whatever home they choose. In a real estate market that is flat or even declining it is very important to make sure you are getting a good value in what every you are buying.

In most real estate markets there are a large percentage of home buyers who are looking for homes which do not need anything. These homes are fully updated, freshly painted, have very nice landscaping, and very few if any drawbacks. Because a large number of buyers, in many areas a majority of home buyers, are looking for these fully updated homes, they tend to command considerably higher prices.

If you are a home buyer who would like to get a really good deal, or who has a budget that limits you to a fully updated home which is much smaller than you need, there is another way.

If you look for homes which have kitchens and bathrooms you can live with, but otherwise are very out of date, you will find that likely you are one of the only home buyers who are at all interested. That is a change from a few years ago when the home flippers would hunt for these kinds of homes. The home flippers new that these homes could be purchased for much lower prices and that the cost to update them was much less then they could sell them for. The same still applies, though there are not very many home flippers to compete with right now.

Because of all this you can negotiate a very good deal on homes like these.

Happy Home Hunting

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