Most asthmatics become frustrated with the hassle of taking medications all the time, or suffering from the side effects of these drugs. Many people are interested in natural cures for asthma that could lessen their dependence on medication, and lessen the frequency of attacks. Here are some common natural cures used to control asthma.

Nutritional Cures

1. Following a high protein, low carbohydrate diet, and avoiding all sugar products can help decrease the frequency of asthma attacks. Fluctuations in blood sugar levels could precipitate an attack.
2. You could try an elimination diet to discover if certain foods aggravate your asthma. Many asthmatics find that they are sensitive to food additives called sulfites. These additives are common in restaurant foods, but can be found in any type of food.
3. If exercise triggers your attacks, try adding an extra dose of vitamin C one hour before your planned session. Studies have shown that this can reduce exercise induced asthma attacks.
4. If you are caught without your medication, and an asthma attack begins, drink two cups of strong black coffee. The caffeine will provide temporary relief while you get your medication. This is not a substitute for your medication; it is an emergency measure only.


Traditional Chinese healers restore health by balancing diet, herbal remedies and using acupuncture. In our western culture, we tend to expect acupuncture to work well without these additional components.

Acupuncture is not a quick solution to your health problems. You have to commit to a course of treatment and allow the process to work over time. Some asthmatics have found success by eliminating red meat, dairy and wheat products, in addition to acupuncture treatment. Most found that they could decrease the amount of medication they took, as well as decrease the frequency of asthma attacks by following this regime.


Many studies have shown that Yoga helps asthmatics reduce the amount of medication, and gain control over their condition. The slow, controlled breathing assists the body to build resistance to attacks.

Asthmatics who practice Yoga report fewer asthma attacks, less anxiety about their condition, improved physical condition and fewer incidences of exercise-induced symptoms.

It is important to discuss any new options that you are considering with your health care professional. It is never advisable to stop taking your medication without consulting your physician. They are your partner in managing your asthma. If you are considering natural cures for asthma, speak with others who have used the method before to find out what worked best for them. Incorporating natural methods into your current treatment plan could make you healthier and put you in control of your asthma.

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