I am totally indoctrinated in the belief that absolutely everyone should hold in their hearts and minds, an impossible dream – but it must be conceivable!
As Jonathan Swift noted: “Vision is the art of seeing things invisible.” “My imagination is my starship to forever – and I mean it literally! My own special impossible dream is to venture forth into the celestial infinity of evermore, to visit every galaxy, and see, hear, smell, taste, touch, and learn all that is indigenous to each one of them.
With today’s technology, and me in my autumn years, with only 200 more to go, it is strictly out of the question – an impossibility! However; when I pass on to the “here-after, it’s very conceivable I’ll fulfill my impossible dream – if not, the creator and I are going to have some very serious discussions...at least, if it’s not a one-way conversation!
A seemingly unattainable dream has the nice tendency to help maintain a positive outlook on life, to aid in keeping me motivated, and allow me, no matter how bad things appear, to see a light at the end of the tunnel. My curiosity and imagination way fares into eternal perpetuity every four or five days – why? For it, and especially my loved ones, are my invincible strength to survive and persevere through any mental, physical, and/or emotional trials and tribulations I may encounter.
Undeniably; we all have everyday worthy dreams – they are absolutely necessary in order for us to grow in every way, to constantly become a little better than we were yesterday. But mankind is never satisfied long, our very nature demands more. Sure, once we reach a worthy goal, we should bask in its success for a while, for we have earned it. Afterward, grasp onto another, and another. But remember that a worthy impossible dream is there forever – it is the unbreakable filament that enables us to endure.

Oh give me a home on the ocean’s island, of space and time I may ever dream
Cede me that sanctuary of solitude, and my immortal soul I’ll redeem
Where the sprinkles of time, through my fingers and toes, will sift for eternity
Where the seas of Neptune will purify my mind, bequeathing only simplicity

Endure thee no sympathy though alone I be, for I thrive in the sphere of the sea
For my essence is fully sated, and forever more of space and time, I will see
The celestial sphere is my province, as I will ever go where no man has gone before
And immortally will I romp under heaven’s canopy, and upon each galaxy’s shore

Mankind’s eccentricity shall nuisance me never, upon time’s stars I will navigate
Cosmic euphoria cascading through inner tranquility, bestow me my lasting fate
Galaxies and nebulas, constellations and solar systems, permeate my very soul
Dimensions and universes, heavens and infinities, all this beckons plus the black hole

So banish me forever to the cosmic shore, my starship and I infinity to explore
And if you come calling, and I’m not in, to the cosmos behold to the galactic core
Probe thee with sagacity, and if fortune be with you, on a lucid and ebony night
There you’ll discover my refuge, in the macrocosm, just slightly to the right

Author's Bio: 

Jesse Wade is the author of 3 books, over 200 articles, and the huge free shopping & discovery directory