Hallowe'en is one of my favorite holidays. Lore has it that the veil between the worlds gets thinner as we approach All Hallow's Eve, and we can contact the spirit world much easier than at other times of the year. I believe this is true, but I also believe that the veil between the Self we show to others and our Soul or Spirit becomes more transparent and we can contact our Soul's true essence more easily at this time of the year. Haven't you felt it? When you were children, you probably delighted in dressing up in a costume and going out after dark for Trick or Treating. The costume you chose told something about your inner longing, and maybe even hinted at a past life. What did the costume you chose represent? Did you always dress up as a Princess?; a Witch; a Cowboy? As an adult, do you still enjoy Hallowe'en or do you dread it? Do you revel in the children coming to your door, pretending to be frightened by the scary costumes and handing out candy? Or do you leave the house or stay at home, shut off your lights, and hope that your home and property won't be vandalized?

I have always loved Hallowe'en, but since I began practicing Reiki, I have enjoyed the holiday in a new way. I live in a section of the city that is residential but borders on neighborhoods that are struggling with poverty, overcrowding, and violence. I usually get more than 200 children and adults coming to my door on Hallowe'en night, beginning immediately after school lets out and ending after midnight. Most of my neighbors leave the house or shut the lights out. I take a different approach. I want to tell you about how I spend Hallowe'en, and how I incorporate the practice of Reiki into every aspect of it.

Before the Trick or Treaters arrive, I prepare for my Reiki Hallowe'en. First, I surround myself and my home in the Reiki energy. I then place a Reiki shower over the front doorway, which is where the Trick or Treaters will approach my house. The Reiki shower pours Reiki energy down over everyone who comes to my door, thereby blessing them and connecting them to Source. Then I hold my hands over the treats I will be handing out and channel Reiki energy into them, connecting from a distance with all of the people who will come to my door that night. I visualize all of the Trick or Treaters being blessed by the Spirit of Reiki as they accept a treat from my door, and going back into the world bringing the Reiki energy with them. Since I have been doing this, the experience has been wonderful. I have never heard so many 'thank you's' in my life, and everyone is respectful and courteous. Before that, I had experienced children fighting on the lawn, parents scolding their children, and children crying, as well as much older children (actually adults) banging on the door after midnight, acting in a loud and disorderly fashion.

If you have been trained in Reiki, try having your own Reiki Hallowe'en this year. You will be amazed at the results you'll get. If you don't have formal Reiki training, then just hold the bowl of treats in your hands and say a prayer or hold the thought that each person receiving a treat will be blessed in some way. Then when the Trick or Treaters come to the door, silently bless each one of them as you make contact with them, intending that they go off and spread the blessings they received to others. It's as simple as that! Have a Happy Hallowe'en!

Author's Bio: 

Mary Riposo received her PhD in Child and Family Studies from Syracuse University. She is a NY State Licensed Professional Counselor and Certified School Psychologist. Mary has also completed training in a variety of healing modalities; she is an Usui Reiki Master/Teacher, Polarity Therapist, Soul Realignment Practitioner, and Divinely Guided Life Coach. She owns and runs the Center for Integrated Energy Healing, which offers energy healing sessions, transpersonal counseling, intuitive readings, intuitive development training, and Reiki certification classes. She has written a book, "Using Reiki with Children: A Guide for Parents and Professionals," which is available through her website. For more information, go to www.IntegratedEnergyHealing.com.