Although she is a very young lady, Holly Mann has been able to become successful as an Internet marketer. Starting out by creating Web pages for businesses, she has greatly expanded her talents in other realms of Internet marketing as well. Now, she has put much of this information into her new book called "Honest Riches."

Probably the very first thing that makes this Ebook stand out is that you immediately find out that it is not written with fluff. It is a solid no-fluff, no hype Ebook that lays out the details you need to get into the success mode with your Internet marketing.

Looking at the Table of Contents you see that Holly Mann starts out by providing you with some of the various ways you can go to lay the groundwork for a real business. She talks about the various business forms, taxes, and other things you need to know about self-employment.

After that, it is all Internet marketing business. You can easily discover what you need to know about making "Honest Riches" from her book. With each tip she provides, there are always links to the best places to go. These links will direct you to places for finding the valuable keywords you need, signing up to get access to affiliate products - even links for those who need affiliate products outside of the United States, where to find a virtual office, and more.

Holly also takes you through a step by step way to optimize your Web site for the search engines. This is great and will help you to make sure you rank high with these methods. A number of tools are given that you can go to in order to discover who your competitor's are, their ranking, and then see what keywords they are using.

Holly carefully discusses how to advertise your Web site in many different ways. She talks about using pay per click and she also shows how to create a successful press release, too. Other methods are included. A long list is provided showing where you can place your articles for article marketing, giving their page rank so you know which ones are best.

There are plenty of tips on how to create your Web site, and what to watch out for. She talks of the many tools available to create your Web site or blog, including Wordpress, Blogger, and Joomla. Or, if you want to go for an Internet marketing business without a Web site, she also has a chapter on that, too.

Tips for creating your own Ebook are given, too. When you are ready to create your own product and sell it to the world, Holly shows you step by step what to do. She also shows why one format may be better than another one, giving the advantages of each.

One more thing that Holly mentions, is how to automate your Web site and Internet marketing business. After all, isn’t that part of the reason why you are interested in Internet marketing? She gives some tips on how to automate it as well as showing some software that could be very useful in accomplishing this for you.

You can learn more about her excellent book, “Honest Riches,” and other materials that she offers on Internet marketing by watching her new video. You can see what Holly Mann has to say and discover why you can use this information right away – even if you are not a newbie to Internet marketing. For more information about her book, see her great video on how to get started at

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Mike Valles is a freelance writer who has written many articles as a ghostwriter in the fields of finances and Internet marketing.