Dear God,

I am trying to integrate Heavenletter, #697, What Does Sadness Teach You? It is so good, and I know I am in the verge of understanding it, but not quite getting it. I like the orchestra analogy and only hearing the low notes sometimes when the whole orchestra is playing. My question is: When I am only hearing the low notes, how do I open my ears and heart to the high notes? I mourn the death of my three-year old Molly and know my way through sadness. I know that I will also hear the high notes. You say exonerate sadness. How do I do this without going through it?

In Great Gratitude for You, Diane

God to Diane:

My dearest Diane. Exonerate sadness means to not give it such a bad reputation. Exonerate it is to not give it so much power as My children do. Exonerate is to let it take its course at the same time as you usher it to the door. You can be gracious to sadness and let it have its say, and then wave goodbye to it.

You have to go through it, My dear daughter, or, rather, you let it go through you – and out. You do not make it a welcome guest, nor do you evict it. You exonerate it from blame. You give it its freedom. Even sadness has its exquisiteness. You know that.

Of itself, sadness is neither good nor bad. It’s just sadness. It comes and go, like any wind that blows. Like any other thought you have. Like any other tune that goes through your head.

Sadness sometimes is another door for anger. Then do not protest sadness but unclothe it.

In this moment, with your thoughts, you can make yourself sad, can’t you? At any time. It is easy to. Do not mask the sadness, but you can talk to yourself in a different way. You cannot change your mind about what seems sad to you, but you can look in another direction. You have sadness because you had sweetness.

Much of sadness is longing for sweetness lost, seemingly lost, sweetness taken out of the physical and time domain, at least. You could not miss your little daughter and feel the yearning unless you had known the treasure of a sweet being named Molly.

Here’s the thing. The sweetness was yours, Diane. Molly brought out your own sweetness. Sweetness from the outside can only match the sweetness you are. Illusion of loss brings sadness. Thoughts of loss bring sadness. Whatever you tune into, it reverberates something within you. But there is no loss within you. Only, the world teaches loss.

When you are alone and feeling sadness overtake you and you don’t want it any longer, look up. Physically look up. And that will help because the simple act of looking up will open you to more of My blessing at the same time as it takes your mind off sadness. Sadness is only a chapter in the book of life, and you can put it down by looking up.

When you are in a group and you feel sadness overtaking, look around, and give some of your sweetness to another. Find more places to place your sweetness, beloved Diane.

Molly is ever with Me, as are you. The difference is that Molly in Heaven has no distractions from the presence of love, as you do on earth. Remember that the high notes are always playing. They are there for you to hear. You can hear them now. Even amidst sadness, you can hear the high notes. You do not have to wait. You hear My love now, don’t you?

Mighty Diane, I attest to your sweetness. I do not attest to loss. But that does not mean that you can toss thoughts of loss called sadness away with one sweep of your hand. Let sadness be there if it must, but take not so much notice of it.

Consider sadness as one of your children. While the child is underfoot, you can still think of and tend to other things and pretty soon you will notice that the child isn’t underfoot any longer.


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