An acne prevention diet will reduce the amount of acne that appears on your skin, specifically your face, chest, shoulder and back.

There are many different ways of putting together an acne prevention diet, but the very simple truth is:

1. Limit bad fats
2. Cut back on sugar and carbohydrates

Fats, oils and grease are some of the things that you will need to reduce in your diet. An acne diet must not contain oily, greasy and fatty foods.

It is quite easy to see which foods can aggravate an acne problem since oily, greasy and fatty foods are very apparent both to the eyes and the taste buds. Mayonnaise, eggs and some salad dressings are also included in the foods to avoid in an acne diet.

Studies have shown that carbohydrates that exhibit an elevated glycemic index (GI) or the more important glycemic load (GL) increase the risk of an individual developing acne breakouts.

These studies have shown a remarkable link to carbohydrates and sugars that increase of acne breakouts due to the high glycemic load of these foods.

On the other hand, an acne prevention diet consisting of carbohydrates, which have a low glycemic load and more lean protein have turned out favorable responses.

Other food items to be reduced or excluded from an acne diet are dairy items like whole milk and cheese, and as stated above, the most important thing to eliminate is – “sugar”.

Sugar has been noted to be one of the main causes to increase the presence of acne; therefore, an acne diet should have no sugar.

Many people doubt the link between daily diet and the development of acne, but there is actually a link between an acne prevention diet and the reduction of acne since what we eat eventually manifests itself in our bodies.

Adults can have bouts of acne long after their puberty. An adult acne diet is basically the same or similar to that of an adolescent acne diet. There should be a reduction of fatty and greasy foods as well as sugars and carbohydrates with high glycemic load.

However, acne diets are not total acne cure diets. An acne diet will just reduce or limit the amount of foods that can aggravate your case of acne. The diet just acts to lessen the acne; however sticking to an effective acne diet can drastically reduce the presence of acne.

Other factors that cause the acne should still be considered and treated.

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