"Nothing changes until you do." Unknown

"Success follows doing what you want to do.  There is no other way to be successful."  Malcolm S. Forbes

"You are today where your thoughts have brought you; you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you."  James Allen

You know what career you are interested in. Perhaps you have a business idea that lights you up or a book begging to be written or maybe an adventurous trip you are longing to embark on.  Whatever dream you are holding onto, begin today to step into the identity and belief that you are ready and GOING to reach this goal.  Often the most powerful way to begin is to act and dress as if you have already reached your goal.  For example if you wish to create a best selling novel and spend your days engrossed in writing then get up a little earlier or stay up later and devote your time to writing.  Put on the cozy robe you plan on wearing as an author. Wear those fuzzy slippers and grab your favorite cup of tea.  BE an author for a space of time each day!  It is not important if you write a lot or little.  What IS important is that you are stepping into the identity which will help you reach your goal.  As you put on your "author outfit " and spend time writing your book you are giving messages to the subconscious mind and letting it know that this is who I am.  I am an author!  Your subconscious which is very accommodating will begin to support you in your goal and help you see opportunities to get there faster. Not to mention that it will help you stay motivated on those cold, dark winter mornings.

Another way to begin living your goal is to find other people who have already done what you want to.  Join the groups and associations they belong to.  Go to the meetings and mingle with people you aspire to be like.  We are social creatures and by spending time with others who have done what we want to do it is motivating and educational.  Soon it will be easy to believe that "I can do that too!"

Here are some Coaching Questions to get you started today...

1.  When you reach your goal how will you be dressing?  Start dressing that way as much as possible now!

2.  What associations or networking groups will you be in when you reach your goal?  Join them now.

3.  Who could you talk with who has already reached your goal?  Ask them how they did it.

4.  Will you talk any different after you have reached your goal?  Have those conversations now.

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