The Rolling Stones say it best, "you can't always get what you want, But if you try sometimes you might find, you get what you need". And I would add: and then some.

Last Friday my daughter experienced this lesson firsthand.

She had been saving for months for an iPod video. Mowing lawns, doing chores and saving, saving, saving. At the last minute she decided an iPod video was more than she needed so she very wisely decided to go a less expensive route and purchase the iPod nano in HOT PINK.

We went to our local Best Buy...

There it was, on display...

We asked the guy to get us one...

He was so sorry, they didn't have anymore.

My daughter's face fell. Even when she heard they still had the iPod nano in silver it did little to cheer her.

BUT, the guy started to explain, Apple had JUST announced the release of the newest iPod nano and they would be getting them in a few days. He explained they were a little shorter, wider, had a bigger screen AND they also included VIDEO AND more GB's for the SAME price.

WOW we thought! But not Kasie. She had her heart set on what she had her heart set on. iPod nano, hot pink, old version. Period.

As we left the store her dad and I were thrilled for this turn of events. The timing was perfect! How lucky for her! Not only would she get what she wanted, she would get MORE than what she wanted and expected.

We tried to explain. It didn't matter. To Kasie more GB's didn't matter and video didn't matter.

She wanted to go back and get the silver one.

But - but - but...We tried to explain this unexpected turn of events was definitely in her favor. We tried AGAIN to explain she would get MORE, NEWER and BETTER for the SAME price.

She wouldn't hear of it.

NOW she wanted silver.

Deep breath time.

I know every parent out there gets this: It's your kid's money, right? And they worked really hard for it, right? So they should get to do what they want to do with it, right?

Ah, no.

Not this time.

I couldn't stop myself.

I asked her if she had seen the new iPod's online.

No, she hadn't.

I asked her if she could wait a few days and think about it.

No, she couldn't.

Hmmm...what to do now. She was getting frustrated and the tears were coming. I was getting frustrated because my daughter was being stubborn and NOT GETTING IT! Her dad was getting frustrated with both of us.

Sitting in our car in the Best Buy parking lot I had a brainstorm. The guy had said they weren't getting any new versions for a few days BUT the Apple store already had some in stock.

I dared to make a suggestion

"Hey", I cheerfully offered, "it's Friday night, how about if we drive to the Apple store and take a look right now?"

Kasie's ears perked up, but her tone didn't reveal her curiosity. "Whatever." That's all she had to say. (Reminder: she's in middle school.)

To the Apple store we headed.

It was packed.

It took us a minute to find them.

And then we, pink, silver, green, black...the NEW iPod nano.

WOW! (That's what I thought!)

Wow! (That's what Pete thought!)

Big, BIG SMILE (not sure what was behind that smile but that's what Kasie thought!)

They didn't have the HOT PINK desired, but they did have the most awesome brilliant icy blue. Kasie's eyes sparkled. We couldn't help but notice - it matched her eyes! We all cheered. We all loved it!

It WAS BETTER, MORE and even PRETTIER than her original desire.

OMG! They even had one in stock!

Finally she spoke. "This one is WAY COOLER!"

Yes, it was. WAY.

As we walked out of the store with the newest iPod member of our family I couldn't help but ask THE question:

"So, what did you learn tonight?" (I know, I know! I'm a mom...and a coach...give me a break.)

Kasie shot me "the look" and then very thoughtfully offered the following:

"Whatevvvver." But it didn't matter because I could tell by the way she SKIPPED out of the store she was thrilled and that's all she really needed to be. Behind the attitude, she was happy.

I hope someday she'll remember the lesson the iPod experience had to teach:

1. Be willing to consider an alternative.
2. Do a little research.
3. Go the extra mile.
4. Never be too quick to settle for less.

You never know, you might get more than you ever imagined, and then some.

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