One of my many experiences working with Enlightened Children, was a 10-year-old boy named Luke. This was years ago, in a healing center, before I began to focus my full-time on Long-Distance Phone Healing.

After a brief phone conversation with his mother, she expressed her concern about his obsessive-compulsive and unpredictiable behavior.

I suggested several Allergy Elimination techniques which might resolve the problem. They made an immediate appointment to see me, and the experience was quite amazing!

The moment I met Luke, he looked at me, tilted his head to the side and said:

“Steven, does everyone you work with appreciate what you do?’

My first reaction, as if I should fall to my knees, and begin to cry.

However, it was clear, within 30 seconds of meeting this boy, he was able to read my subconscious mind!

I did keep my cool, however and replied:

“No Luke, not everyone can understand the training and God-given abilities I have.”

Then, he straightened his head and said:

“Well Steven, for the people that don’t realize what you can do….I think you should charge them $10 more!”

You should have seen me smile!

We went into my office, and I began to muscle test him, to determine our first treatment.

I am highly trained in an Allergy Elimination known as NAET. (

It was immediately obvious, he was unable to properly assimilate eggs, and protein.

This system is a combination of homeopathy, muscle testing, and gentle acupressure clearing along the outside of the spine, while the client holds a microscopic amout of the allergen in their hand.

I decided, through the Kinesiology testing, to combine 2 treatments, the Egg and Chicken, with another vial containing called: The “Brain-Body Balance.” to align all of the Acupuncture meridians.

I accessed my various emotion charts to discover associated subconscious emotions, and cleared them.

The treatment went smoothly, and he seemed to calm down quite a bit.

I showed his mother two stomach meridian points to hold for him, known as Stomach 41, above each of the ankles.

We finished the session, and they scheduled an appointment for the following week.

When they returned, I was going to suggest we look at clearing other food allergies.

Then, Luke says to me:

"I don’t think I have any other allergies, and I want to take the “Brain-Body Balance” vial home with me!”

I could tell how intuitive this boy was, and I replied: "I can’t give you this vial, however let’s test some emotions and colors, ok?”

He said “Sure Steven”

Within 10 minutes, it became clear…that all he needed was for me to write on a blue piece of paper (which represents grief and depression), and write on it: “BRAIN-BODY BALANCE!

The muscle-testing indicated he should keep the paper within 3 feet of his body at all times. Also, have it next to his bed when he slept. And, his mother hold the Stomach 41 points, whenever he felt agitated or upset.

Two days later, his mother called me and said, “His obsessive-compulsive behavior is gone!!!”

It was a Miracle!

I spoke to Luke on the phone 3 months later, and he was calm and clear!

So, because I believe these children are so incredibly enlightened, I decided to ask hin:

“Luke, what do you believe we need to do, to stay in balance?”

And he replied, without a moments hesitation:

“Don’t Fight….and Think Loving Thoughts”

This is the first entry in my book, about Enlightened Children!

Author's Bio: 

Steven has over 30 years experience in healing and personal empowerment. Areas of expertise include: The Lifeline Technique, Touch For Health, Zero Balancing, NAET Allergy Elimination, Emotional Freedom Techniques.
He Specializes in Long-Distance Healing, Techniques,
Resolving Past Trauma, Understanding Mind and Body Relationships, Flower Essence Therapy, and Applied Kinesiology,
Accessing The Body’s Innate Wisdom.
He has facillitated several hundred lectures and classes,
And appeared on cable television, and radio interviews.



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