When people think of losing weight the first thing they think about is exercise and starvation.
However, realistically weight loss is over 90% mental!For example: 5% of 24 hours = 12 minutes a day
or 84 minutes a week. That is two active 30 minute days and one 24 minute day per week. Ten percent
= 2 hours and 48 minutes per week. Over 90% mental! So, wouldn’t it make perfect sense to develop a
weight loss program that is 90% mental?

I received a letter from a customer asking me if I supported a certain diet. My response was “the
only diet I support is the one you design yourself. After all who knows you better than you?” You
and only you will determine what you will and will not do.

You are what you think! The more you think about food, the more food you will consume. The more you
think about fitness the more active you will become. The key to permanent weight loss is learning
how to control your thoughts. In order to control your thoughts you must first become aware of them
and understand why you think the things you do. Study your personal history! When did you start
gaining weight? As an infant, teen, adult, etc. Why? Your upbringing, habits, stress, emotions, etc...
Only after you become able to see and acknowledge your mistakes and understand why you made them, will
you gain the power to change them.

The scientific way is finding the shortest route to the goal. No one has yet to develop a simpler or
more direct route to mental preparation as presented in this book. www.thebestweightlossbookever.com

Author's Bio: 

Orginally from Charleston, SC, and now residing in Atlanta, GA, Darren Campbell began his writing career in 1991 with his first book "The Complete Fitness Guide". Since then he has been researching thousands of diets and interveiwing hundreds of people to discover the best weight loss formula. Darren is available for book-signing parties and lectures with 20 or more attendees, especially in the Atlanta area.