Many of us have experienced what we would call a miracle in some form or another. Yet, while appearing miraculous, from another point of view, it is a result of nothing more than jumping to another grid, or accessing a creative matrix. We live in a world that can be programmed. Right now it is being programmed through our thoughts and feelings. Movies like “The Secret” have illustrated that we live in a world of vibrations. All thoughts and feelings can be translated into vibrations. If those thoughts and feelings are of fear and survival, anger and hate, then this is the vibration we are emitting and consequently the reality we are creating for ourselves. However, we can reprogram those vibrations anytime we choose. Thoughts of love, peace, charity, hope, faith, trust, prayer––they are equally accessible to each and every one of us. These thoughts, feelings and prayers invoke another vibratory energy, one that accesses another vibratory state. The vibrations we hold in our hearts and minds are the key to what manifests in our lives. It is not dependent upon something out there somewhere. The world originates within us despite the outer appearance. The outer is simply the reflection of our inner state.

And while this concept is easy to see in our personal lives, what is truly exciting is that it holds true for the environment around us as well! Indigenous people around the world have known this “Secret” for thousands of years. The beating of the shaman’s drum, the sacred dance of the Hopi, the prayer wheel of the Buddhist monks, the dream state of the Aboriginal elders, all are ways to access this hidden creative matrix of life. From this matrix, the whole “hologram” can be reprogrammed.

We are living in a time when ancient principles that have been espoused for ages from Vedic texts to Native American philosophies are being validated by science--a meeting point between science and spirituality where these principles are being tested and proven to be true.

Many of have heard of the research in Japan by Masaru Emoto that revealed water changes its physical and molecular structure when exposed to different sounds, words, thoughts, pictures and prayer. Before and after photographs of the water crystal of a polluted dam revealed that the structure went from a chaotic structure when first sampled, then transformed into a beautiful symmetrical snowflake-like crystal when a group of people sent their prayers to the dam.

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Similar events have occurred throughout the world as a result of simple earth healing. In 1991, facing a major tidal wave, Kahuna elders prayed to nature and successfully dissipated tidal wave heading right for Hawaii. We are at a time where the techniques of the ancient elders are now available to us all. As a result, grassroots groups around the world, without any governmental programs, or massive financial investments, but through the focused intent have demonstrated similar results. Groups along the east coast have entered this creative matrix and through the help of nature, have offset level 5 hurricanes within hours. With little more than group prayer these and more amazing results have ensued. In fact, it is not the particular prayer which seems is important it is the VIBRATION offered consciously to the Earth, that once received has lowered crime rates, reduce drug use in cities, reduced earthquake activity, lowered water and air pollution levels, and balanced of severe weather patterns, returned marine and bird live to formerly polluted areas.

One group in Auckland, New Zealand reported a reduction in the crime rate of 50% in two months after the group there began to work with the power of prayer and directing it to the realms of Nature to release Earth stresses in the area. They also reported seeing an increase of dolphins and whales––inside the harbor no less! Another group in Frankfurt, Germany saw a 25% decrease in drug use in their area using the same techniques, while in all the surrounding areas it had increased. In two different cities in Spain, both groups there saw a dramatic break in a long-standing draught once the groups starting a ceremonial prayer group and worked with the intelligence of Nature to restore balance in their areas.

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They also reported seeing dolphins along the coast of both cities for the first time in 50 years! In San Diego, California a group of 15 people began praying for the health of the Salton Sea, one of the most polluted bodies of water in North America, and to the amazement of scientists, the Salton Sea began to improve. News headlines reported that scientists were stunned to find a lack of pesticides in the Salton Sea, because they were previously known to have existed there!

Recent “natural” disasters of Florida’s hurricanes, and the tsunami of Indonesia, remind us that we are in a very intimate, and dependent relationship with Nature. The Native cultures throughout the world believed that such catastrophic events are Nature’s response to our collective thoughts and feelings. As such, there can be no better time to access our power of prayer to shift this “creative matrix” of which we are an intimate part.

Evidence of groups around the world working with focused intent and the research of Emoto are confirming what the ancients have been teaching for centuries. Energy follows thought; our physical world is merely the reflection of our energy world. And while it may appear that we have little measurable effects over the outer events that seem to direct our outer world, we DO have the power to effect our inner energy worlds, in fact we do it with each and every thought. So what do we want to dream? What kind of a world do we want to create? The choice is still ours.

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