Having that nasty zit is sometimes quite annoying. In fact, it is a great factor on suffering low self-esteem particularly on young people whose main focus at puberty is the physical attribute. Preventing acne breakout is not a piece of cake that is why even if you know everything about acne control, the acne still shows up every now and then. The lack of time to maintain acne-free regimen daily contributes to the breakout.

Acne is caused from imbalances and impurities within the body, and that's why we treat the problem an internal cleansing treatment that goes right to the source and fights acne before it even begins. Acnezine provides antioxidants that can help eliminate the free radicals that are dangerous to skin and promote infections. It also fights inflammation, to reduce redness. And it works to heal damaged skin, naturally!

Pimples are caused by excessive oil production in our skin’s oil glands, the sebaceous glands. There are several types of acne. Blackheads (“open comedo” pimples) appear when the oil (sebum) drains into hair follicles and hardens near the surface.
Although most people think the dark color of a blackhead is from dirt, it’s actually from excess skin pigment and skin particles. Doctors advise us not to pop blackheads (or any type of pimple) unless directly advised as a way to get rid of pimples, as popping can sometimes cause infection and scarring.

The real cause of acne can actually be a blend of several factors that we’ll discuss here. Note that the contents here are not presented from a medical practitioner, and that any and all health care planning should be made under the guidance of your own medical and health practitioners. The content within only presents an overview of acne research for educational purposes and does not replace medical advice from a professional physician.

Dermabrasion is an example of a relatively simple approach to treating shallow scars. The skin is massaged with a rotating brush that removes the surface scars. The chemical peel is an acne treatment that removes scars using chemicals that slather off the scarred skin.

The goals of treatment are to heal existing lesions, stop new lesions from forming, prevent scarring, and minimize the psychological stress and embarrassment caused by this disease. Drug treatment is aimed at reducing several problems that play a part in causing acne: abnormal clumping of cells in the follicles, increased oil production, bacteria, and inflammation. Depending on the extent of the person's acne, the doctor will recommend one of several over-the-counter (OTC) medicines or prescription medicines that are topical (applied to the skin) or systemic (taken by mouth). The doctor may suggest using more than one topical medicine or combining oral and topical medicines.

Keep your face clean and don't overscrub it. This will only irritate your skin and make you more prone to breakouts. Wash your face twice a day with antibacterial soap, three times a day for acne prone skin. To avoid aggravating pimples, stay away from harsh soaps and fragrances.

Wash your hands frequently and make a conscious effort to avoid touching your face during the daytime hours. This is when you're most likely to do it and you may not realize that it's a habit.

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