Facial cleansing routine: Crush a few fresh strawberries (that you’ll be eating for breakfast). Crush the strawberries to a pulp-like texture. Slather this texture on your facial and neck skin. Let it stay in your skin for 10 minutes or more and rinse with lukewarm water.

For breakfast, eat as many fresh strawberries as you desire. An organic variety is most preferred as non-organic versions are high in pesticide residuals. If you can’t find organic (or you’re on a tight budget) then look for a local farmer’s market to buy your strawberries from. Be sure to eat the strawberries alone. It is also critical to wait 2 hours or more before eating other foods for the day. Eating strawberries (alone) helps your skin appear radiant because of the super high dosage of the vitamin C content. The vitamin C in the berries can be absorbed more efficiently by the body if eaten alone than with other foods or fruits. Using strawberries externally will exfoliate and cleanse the skin.

The surplus benefit is it is known that vitamin C can be absorbed in the skin. Since these berries are super high in vitamin C, a high concentration of vitamin C will be absorbed into your skin! Forget about those expensive vitamin C sprays on the market-The vitamin C you’ll have absorbed in your skin will stay in your skin (even after you wash it) for up to four days! And yes, you may use your regular facial skincare products as you desire (after doing the regime).

Day Two of Your Beauty Crash Course

Facial cleansing routine: Mix about 2 teaspoons of lemon juice with warm water and wash your face with the mixture. Do not get any of the lemon juice in your mouth. Rinse with cool water. This routine helps brighten up your complexion.

For breakfast: Eat as many blueberries as you desire for breakfast.

These are best to purchase organic as berries are high in pesticide residuals. You could buy frozen organic blueberries; they are fair in price and can keep for a long time. Wait 2 hours or more before eating anything else for the day. This is optional, but if you desire instant smoother, radiant, and softer skin, this is a very beneficial trick to try: At night, before going to bed, slather honey on your facial and neck skin. Wait about 25 minutes before washing it off with cool water.

Day Three of Your Beauty Crash Course

Facial cleansing routine: Mash a ripe banana. Slather it all over your face and neck. Use circular upward motions to thoroughly rub the banana’s matter in your skin. Let it settle in your skin for three minutes or so and rinse it off with lukewarm water. Make sure not to get any of the banana’s matter inside your mouth.

Breakfast: Eat as many cherries you desire. These are probably cheaper and better to buy frozen (organic is preferred). Eat them alone and wait 2 hours (or more) before eating other foods. Nighttime routine: If you have acne, slice up a tomato. Rub its contents over your face and neck. Rinse after 10 minutes or so.

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