Job searches nowadays are much more in-depth than they have been in the past. Before, you simply drafted a good resume, printed it on quality paper, and submitted it to the companies you were interested in working for. Now, however, most companies prefer to have their applications completed online.

Recruiters make no exception to this rule as they have also moved the majority of their candidate searches to the Internet. This means in order to be found for a job it’s a good idea to post your resume on one or more online job banks. To help you prepare for this adaptation in job seeking let’s look at some ways that you can advertise your resume through Internet job search services.

Understand the Process

Before you begin posting your resume with various online job banks, it is a good idea to understand the method behind their madness. So let’s look at one of the more popular sites,, to see how they go about having users participate in their process.

To get started, you simply visit their website where you can immediately post your resume using their wizard (after signing up for a free account). Once your resume has been posted, their search engine will scan it to record keywords. Your resume is then sorted categorically allowing employers to locate it based on which keywords they type into the search database. If you don’t have a resume to post, you can use their resume builder, which is a wizard offering the ability to create a resume to post.

Choose Applicable Keywords

Since we know that job banks rely heavily on keyword searches, it is a good idea to make certain that you’re listing the right ones before you even post your resume. But how can you know which keywords to use?

One good way to find keywords is by thinking of appropriate phrases in your field. For instance, as a nursing professional, keywords like “CRNA” or “registered nurse” are applicable. Also, listing nursing organizations like AAACN or AMSN is great if they apply to your career. You can consider phrases like “self starter” and “fast learning,” in addition to action words like “established” and “implemented” to help highlight your strengths as an employee. Whichever keywords you find that apply to you and your career, make sure to use some for the title of your resume as well.

Internalize Being the Most Qualified Employee

When trying to sell yourself for a non-yet-existent position, it can be difficult to know exactly what qualifications to list for yourself. But you can start by simply determining why you feel you’re a great candidate overall. Confidence can get you far when writing your resume because it helps you choose words that define how you feel about yourself. That way, even if you don’t know what recruiter may look at your resume, you can still rest assured that whoever it is will feel you’re the right person for the job.

Joining the 21st century application process doesn’t have to be frustrating or unpleasant. If you can understand the process, keep up with key phrases in your field, and let your confidence speak in your resume, you’ll find that securing an exciting job is easier than your thought.

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