One of the major secrets to success with anything at all, be it wealth, health, success or anything else you desire is to bypass the conscious mind in order to access the immense powers of the subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind is therefore sublime; it will accept anything you submit to it without question, and will then act upon your instructions thereby bring your vibration into complete harmony with your desires, thus enabling them to manifest into your life where you can experience them in full.

In order to attract your desires, you not only have to know and ask for your desires, but most importantly you have to "vibrate" in harmony with your desires by believing that you have all your desires right now. To vibrate in harmony with your desires includes positive thinking, i.e. only thinking in terms that your desire already exists in your experiential reality, a feeling that you are already experiencing and enjoying your desires, and a feeling of gratitude for enjoying your desires.

This is where the power of affirmations really comes into its own. The conscious, rational mind will always endeavour to reject anything that does not appear to be "real", logical or attainable. It does not know, at a conscious level that you are infinitely powerful and capable of realising any desire at all. The conscious mind will therefore reject anything it "disagrees" with and will accordingly block your wishes.

Fortunately, as the subsconscious mind is all powerful, much more so than the conscious mind, all we need to do is to use the powers of positive thinking to impress our wishes and desires upon the subconscious mind, which will in turn cause you to know that your desire already exists in your life, thereby causing you to vibrate in harmony with it after which it will apear in your life as an experiential reality.

The power of positive thinking can be enhanced and reinforced by the use of affirmations. An affirmation is a short statement repeated frequently in the present tense in order to impress the intent of the affirmation on to the subsconscious mind, thereby in turn causing the subject of your affirmation to manifest as a part of your own physical reality.

As with all positive thinking, affirmations must always be phrased in the present tense as if the desired result has already become an absolute reality. This will attract and influence Energy in accordance with The Law of Attraction, in turn creating the reality of the object of your affirmations within the inner spheres of the Universe, which reality must then in turn subsequently manifest into the physical world where the benefits can be realized.

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Pamela Hadfield-Grier is Life and Wellness Coach offering Stress Management techniques and Sport Yoga Instruction. She works with individuals to help them incorporate their mind, body and spirit to facilitate their decision making as well as their physical wellbeing to improve results in all areas of their lives.