Starting over from painful circumstances is never easy, especially when you have invested so much energy into others. We tend to look at people as energy investments. But no matter how the energy stock may rise and fall, it is certain that energy is limitless and so is your capacity to love. Be comforted that you are not alone. Believe in what you can do and who you are! Love yourself and move forward. The world needs you and all you have to offer!

To get on the positive thinking track about relationships gone sour, you must use affirmations to stay in the present moment. You most powerful and productive time in life is today, not yesterday or tomorrow. Spend time living in the present. When you allow yourself to be bogged down by old mental programs (old memories that don’t serve you well or reacting to the present from past emotional states) you are compromising your ability to grow. This is especially true with relationships. Old hurts and emotional baggage from the past can thwart what you receive in the present. If you spend all your time thinking about what you don’t want, by the Law of Attraction the universe will provide you with exactly what you’ve spent time thinking about – more things you don’t want. So move forward!

Attracting a love interest is largely about setting a new mental equivalent. To do this, you need clarity about what you desire, and having the passion (or vision) for it. Visualize that person in your world and what it feels like to have a nurturing relationship. And then take action! Get out there and magnetize people by taking care of yourself and treating others how you would like to be treated. Practice positive verbiage at work, home, and in front of the mirror in the morning.

Dating and divorce can be challenging but you are moving through it … and not stuck there permanently. Here are two affirmations to keep your spirits up and will help you feel more empowered by moving forward. Remember, focus on the present!

Can’t Find a Relationship When Dating

“My path to love is no longer littered with rocks and diversions. I sweep away each disappointment with ease. At this moment, I am becoming more open-minded and loving to everyone around me. From this day forward, I rejoice in my learning journey and put my love path to music. I am an incredible soul who can dance on any path!”

Leaving a Relationship or Facing Divorce

“I leave this relationship with grace and dignity. I know my own soul must grow in an area outside the perimeter of this relationship. No matter how painful the past, I am thankful that this venture has been part of my learning journey because it helps me to further define myself. My ability to give and receive love remains intact. My heart is healing. I have tremendous capacity to love others, no matter the circumstances.”

Renew your awareness in the present moment and have patience! Like attracts like, so regularly check where you are spending time mentally. If you want more love in your life, then be lovable. Be the idea of love in as many productive ways you can imagine and you’ll see results!

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Dr. Charlene M. Proctor is the founder of The Goddess Network, Inc. an on-line educational resource for topics on spirituality, relationships, and women's studies. Author of Let Your Goddess Grow! she is a researcher and educator in the field of women's empowerment and develops self-empowerment strategies for women in all walks of life. She is a subject matter expert for, the world's largest self-help and personal growth website. Her affirmations from The Women's Book of Empowerment reach 2.7 million web visitors daily. She currently facilitates the PATH to Empowerment program for Lighthouse Path in Michigan, a residential women's shelter for homeless mothers, teaching them how to cope with life and increase self-esteem and confidence. To learn more, visit

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