I know it's hard to look up sometimes.
I know it's hard when everything is on your mind.
It's hard to play what some could call a game.
When we can't even quit the game we chose to play.

But dreams come true...
When you have people who believe in you.
Dreams can come to life...
Your heart knows it all right.
A special dream saved for you...
It's right there, waiting for you.

How can we believe in destiny, when we don't see the light?
How can we be the winner, when we can't win this fight?
This could be our hardest moment - something we'll never know.
How much more, can I have faith? How much more can I grow?

Dreams do come true...
When we stop to see where we have come to.
Dreams can come to life...
Your spirit will guide you tonight.
A special dream is now ready for you...
See it, choose it, and live it with you.


Author's Bio: 

Danish Ahmed is turning heads in the personal-growth movement by bringing the education of the industry down-to-Earth -- by teaching from popular culture, like television, movies, music, and other current-day media. Learn about Danish Ahmed at http://www.ordinarywords.com