Intimacy, Chemistry, Love & Desire

What is intimacy? I think it's about being ourselves with each other. When we can be completely free, to say whatever we want - no matter how personal or sensitive - then there is intimacy.

What is chemistry? I think it's when people feel a certain cosmic, spiritual, or soulful connection. This is when we feel we understand someone, without them even having to explain themselves. It is when we know what someone is going to say, before they say it.

What is love? I believe love to be the foundation of eternal trust and unconditional acceptance. When we fear not the other person's actions, and truly accept all their choices, then there is love.

What is desire? Desire could be a "calling" that we feel, a certain sense of attraction, or the feeling of a destiny yet to be fulfilled. Desire is the ignition of passion.

What is life? It is man and women's journey to discover and experience these miracles.


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