What’s Love Got to Do with It?

Well, I got dumped... As a performer in the DECIDE urban musical, that is. I was having so much fun on stage, doing what I loved, and making a difference for people. Most importantly, I loved working with Stuart Knight, the director.

How could he do this? I thought Stuart liked me and my work? I thought we were getting along very well together? The news was disappointing. Feelings of loss and hurt overwhelmed me. My heart ached. It was like being rejected by someone I loved.

But, as Tina Turner says, “What’s Love Got to Do with It?”

Stuart wasn’t rejecting me or my abilities. I understood perfectly why he removed me from the cast. My artistic contributions to the show have been in the form of motivational monologues, and the point of DECIDE is to be an entertaining show without the “motivational” aspect attached to it. So those scenes had to go. We also raised the bar on professional talent – some of our new cast members have been on Broadway in shows such as Miss Saigon and RiverDance.

When the “structures” of our relationships change, we sometimes think there’s a loss of love. However, when a best-friend decides to take a job in another part of the country, is there a loss of love? Probably not. When a child moves out of their parent’s home, is there a loss of love? Maybe.

If there is a strong commitment that both people hold towards the relationship, then there is no loss of love. The feeling of love is not dependent on how often we see each other, nor is it dependent on what medium we use to communicate. Sure, these factors may contribute to the ease of maintaining a loving relationship. However, the true essence of love has mostly to do with how we’re being with each other when we are together.

Every time Stuart and I are together, our being is that of respect, support, play, and love. Reasons for our meetings may have changed (from cast rehearsals to strategic planning), and may continue to change over time. What remains the same is that awesome energy of love.

I love the DECIDE concept and I’m committed to taking the show all the way to Broadway – whether I’m in it or not. So, now as a partner of KnightFlight Productions, I’d like to invite you to our Opening Night of the Brand New DECIDE Play/Party!!

Where: 721 Queen Street West (one block west of Bathurst), Toronto, Canada
When: EVERY Saturday Night!!
7:30 PM Doors Open, 8:00 PM Show Starts, 10:00 PM Party Begins

Cost: Ordinary Words Special -- $15, includes complimentary cocktail
(Use password “Ordinary” otherwise you’ll pay the regular $20)

Get on the Ordinary guest list!
RSVP: info@goknightflight.com or call 416-703-9696

More Info: http://www.ordinarywords.com/decide.html

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