Honor Your Body!

We've all heard how regular exercise is vital for good health and a well-balanced lifestyle. Now, how many of us have tried to lose weight, buff ourselves up, or join a fitness program, only to be disappointed by the lack of results we see? Maybe we do workout periodically, but feel apathetic towards the development of our physical body? Maybe we develop the apathy out of failures, out of giving up, or out of accepting that which we really do not want.

Since age thirteen and my introduction to the personal development industry, I was hearing from everyone how much of a difference regular exercise can make. And, I didn't do anything about it. I was healthy and I wasn't overweight or anything, so why would I exercise regularly? Nevertheless, after hearing about some of the great benefits, I would get temporarily motivated and go to the gym... The next day, I would feel terrible, not see any results, and give up on the idea. It wasn't like I had no discipline -- in fact, I had very good reasons for not sticking it through.

Your Reasons Are Perfectly Valid

My biggest reason was that I couldn't see well enough to exercise properly. With 5% sight, it was really difficult to figure out how to use those machines properly, even if somebody showed me how. What's the point in using the machine incorrectly? What if I dropped one of the weights by mistake and seriously hurt myself? Was it really worth the trouble? Hey, some people learn by simply watching others and copying... I couldn't do that! I couldn't even see any of the buttons on the treadmill machines well enough to start by cardio. Man, I had a really good reason not to start, and it wasn't until I turned 23 that I started exercising regularly. It took me ten years to get it, and I don't want it to take ten years for you to get it.

I'm sure you have some really good reasons, too. I may not know exactly what they are, but I do know that they are extremely valid for you, and that they are what is creating your reality. Let me talk about some of my other "reasons" which may be more common.

There's Not Enough Time to Exercise Regularly

Some of us have very busy and intense lifestyles, and it can be very difficult to find time on a regular basis for exercise. Here's what I discovered: When we exercise regularly (even if it's just for 10 minutes at a time), we increase our vitality and we increase our energy level. This causes us to be less stressed and to be more productive. I've found that the more exercise I do, the less sleep I need. In the long run, regular exercise SAVES us time. Really, it does.

Exercising is a Painful Experience

Yes, it hurts. It just doesn't hurt physically, it hurts emotionally. Here's what I discovered: There are some things in life which may not be pleasurable for us (like saving money, asking people for dates, or simply reading), yet we know we would benefit greatly by doing those things. The trick is to discover how to do those activities in ways that can be enjoyable for us...

For example, if we love listening to music, then maybe by playing music we really love while we workout, our minds will be occupied enough that we won't notice some of the discomfort. Another example is to try finding activities that would be of interest to you. I tried dance lessons, martial arts, and wilderness adventures. There are tons of enjoyable recreational activities that are great for keeping us healthy and fit. (Also remember that the amount of pain you feel during exercise is decreased based on the amount of nutrition you feed your body in your diet.)

Having said all that, you want to feel some pain when you workout. That's the sign that your body is growing and developing. What are you capable of? What does it feel like to reach the limits of your strength, to reach the limits of your endurance? In fact, you will break out of those limits only when you continually press up against them.

It Takes Too Long to See Results from Exercising

For me, it took six months to see any significant results. How long will it take for you? I have no idea. I do know that when you start seeing the results, you will feel that it was worth everything you put into it. It takes time to build momentum, and once it is built, the results increase exponentially. I can't tell you how good I feel these days just by looking at myself in the mirror, or noticing the extra attention I've been getting from women. :) I feel happier and more alive than ever before. That one decision I made, to become committed to regular exercise, is a decision that positively and continually impacts my life everyday.

Your Most Important Benefit

Being committed to health and fitness is not easy -- that's why it's such a big topic these days. It takes initiative, drive, and discipline to find/create a program for yourself that works. The beauty is that once you have a program that works, your confidence goes through the roof. If you're able to create results in this area of your life, what other areas of your life can you now transform? The most important benefit comes from the knowing that you can accomplish anything you set out to accomplish.

"The market price of a crash-test dummy is now $200,000.
How much is your body worth?"
- Danish Ahmed

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Danish Ahmed is turning heads in the personal-growth movement by bringing the education of the industry down-to-Earth -- by teaching from our popular culture, like television, movies, music, and other current day media.

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